What's most important to WAF-size, shape, finish?

What do you think is most important (regarding loudspeakers) :-)
for the wives/significant-others WAF=wife acceptance factor?
Size, shape, texture, finish, color, sound quality,etc. in order of importance? What do you think or what has been your actual experiences? Your comments regarding 2-channel AND home theatre are appreciated.
Thanks and happy listening!
Why don't you ask your wife and/or significant other?
Size shape and color have nothing to do with good sound,Don't worry about WAF do the right thing.
Take her with you to audition equipment. If you let her have input into the decision she will then have a vested interest in your hobby. But what do I know, I'm divorced and If I look at all the alimony I've paid it would buy a phenominal system. Best of luck.
Well I don't have a WAF, but my GAF(Girlfriend Acceptance factor in the past) they always seemed to be most impressed by size ;) all real classy girls, take my word for it :) ~Tim
Regardless of what they say, size is important....Er, on stereo, all three, or none preferably; as in no speakers. If you have to ask us, then probably you have to ask her, and if you have to ask that much, you're not going to get much.
Agree with size: Smaller is better. Color per se is not a big issue -- rather, it's how well it matches and blends in. By the way, ask about various options in grill cover colors. I used to own some light cherry speakers with a cream grill cover (Thiel 2.3) that looked great in our family room but moved to a dark cherry with black (Thiel 6) when we moved to a different house. Hey, there's an idea -- try to match the decor now and let that lead to an automatic upgrade path when next you move ;-) As suggested, involve your wife up front and all will be well (or at least better). Good luck!
I think that Ozfly is suggesting a upgrade path to future componets not wives ;)
Tim, you devil, that's is eXactly how I was going to answer! Size DOES matter ;-}
was that also the case in the film industry? Oh Yeah........
No speakers at all or Bose AM 3's in white which is essentially the same thing.
Waf is not a factor in a good relationship. If you have to ask don't do it. If you don't have to ask let us know what you get. I suggest a pair of avantgarde trios in lavender.
Size (smaller the better), then shape. I once mentioned trying a differenct speaker in the home office from the B&W CDM-1 and I got a "I like how they look". "Cuter than the others".
no speakers at all -- use headphones instead:)
...........absolutely no (*(*&%$#&*& exposed wires, and here, SMALLER is better;>). Cheers. Craig
I found that if you explain to her that the little invisible speakers she likes sound like s@#t, then show her a pair of speakers twice as big and ugly than the ones you really want. You can then compromise and get the ones you want , as long as they match the rest of the furniture.
I also agree with Craig. I hate exposed wires... but just when you get them all dragged thru the channel, you find the world's BEST deal on another IC and you gotta pull it all apart again.... sigh.... :) - aj
aj-You don't have a younger sister do you?? ;) willingness to pull everything apart to change an interconnect, what a gal!! ~Tim
Remember to keep it small and blending with the decor is a must. Even the best wood finish can be a no go if it doesn't match the woods already in the room, as I found out the hard way. And remember, black goes with everything.
HEY!!!!!!!!!!!! what's with the wisecrack about YOUNGER Sister???? Now,Timmy Boy.... you are hitting on the real things that matter to women.... NEVER, but NEVER make any reference that they are no longer YOUNG... no matter what, even if they are 85! sheeesssh, these pups ;-}
and who knows? You may dig that Mrs Robinson thang (wink wink)
Bottom line on WAF-If she accepts you she'll accept your speakers.

To answer your questions in order: Size, color, shape, sound quality. (texture & finish are n/a to the SO, IMO}

Actual experience: We have a small living room (11.5 x 23 x 8) which doubles as the audio room, so we share the space. She really liked the Unity Audio Sig I's. They're 9" square & about 4' with a beautiful hardwood finish. I now have VR4 Gen III's which are all black, twice as deep, a little wider & about the same height. They sit out from the wall more than the Sig I's & are much more noticeable. I was (still am) recovering from an injury when they arrived so she did not say one word. In fact they sound very nice to her although she has mentioned they're not as pretty as the Unity's. (They were on order before my injury) I'm not suggesting sustaining an injury to gain sympathy but I'm sure in my case I was able to get my way w/o any compromise whatsoever. I unashamedly took full advantage of this opportunity.

2 channel vs. Home Theater. For me it was one or the other as the living room is the audio room & there is not enough room for two systems. I tried HT for a year & went back to 2 channel. In this I was supported fully and part of the reason is 4 less speakers.

A few thoughts if the SO is having trouble coming around to accepting your choice of speaker. Go to a garage sale & pick up two sets of $10.00 big boxy speakers to use as mains & surrounds. Make sure the surrounds are rotted so you get a buzzing sound when playing. Either she'll complain about the size of 4 speakers and/or the buzzing & you can use this to "downsize" to a nice set of 2 channel speakers. Of course there are many variations on this theme but you get the idea. Good luck!
SMALLER….it has been the only thing my wife has cared about. The reason is that it takes up less room in our living room which the system shares with everyday living. If I had my own room then who cares? But if your “friend” is real fashion conscious then they might find looks to be most important. But even the most interior decorative minded person won’t like speakers, they just don’t see them as art….like I do and I am sure most of you do.

If you can't get the W/SO involved, meaning "liking", the hobby then nothing you do is going to please her/him. You just have "potentially" lessor degrees of irritation from her/him. If you can’t get them to be involved or at least understand your desire to have this hobby in your life, everything will be a hassle.


My wife does not care about equipment, I can now bring a piece in (after many many) and she won’t notice. Now speakers if significant shape change she will notice but doesn’t comment anymore. I dominate our rather small living room. We fought in the beginning because she didn’t understand and thought with all our other more important priorities why would we spend money on something so extravagant (good question really). I tried to involve her in decisions, music, trips to store etc and she just isn't interested. Nothing personal but she just can’t will herself to care. We had many conversations about how important this was to me and that it could never be “logically” defended except that it gives me pleasure. I asked, begged, etc for her to understand me and asked to set it aside as an issue (because in my heart it would never go away). Asked her not to ask me to give it up, I sacrifice in other areas and work hard, love her and the kids so can’t I have my hobby even if it is a little crazy from most people’s point of view? Basically, “Mom, can’t I keep the puppy? Please? Please?” ……by the way, I told her I wished she was interested, really from the heart, in my interest so I could talk and share about it but she just can’t muster any true energy so I live this part of my life sort of on the side rarely talking to her about details. (probably why on such a easy post you get such a long response? :) )

Anyway, we have come to an understanding and she tolerates and rarely flares up about the hobby. Every so often I reinforce our previous conversations. I still dip in once in a while and see if I can interest her in some part of the hobby but alas I walk alone.

In other words….I don’t ask about size, shape, color, etc anymore.

good luck
Tsugury, I kind of did what you suggested by accident. I showed my wife the Nautilus 802s and she said ()^$*(+) so we got 803s. I showed her the HTM1 and she said ()^$*(+) so we got the HTM2. You get the idea ? She didn't seem to care about cost. Or sound. It seemed to be about size and looking like something that's more likely to answer back if she tries to talk to it. She likes in-walls for the surrounds and she made damn sure that I wasn't going to make her see any wires (cables to you and me). I think she appreciates the speakers as being a nice piece of furniture. She hasn't commented on all those black and silver boxes by the TV but she does want to know why the little blue lights stay on all the time - I think it's bugging her but she hasn't pushed the point.
aj-lol I was trying to be polite, to the best of my recollectoin your married-thus meaning your spoken for, however if you had a sister(i'll omit younger from my querry) there is a better chance she wouldn't be ;) I have a hard time when I find out the age of some members I assume they are late 20's and find out they are closer to double that! makes me feel alienated, but that's half of what being an audiophile is all about, realising that you are unusual and coming to grips with it! Cheers, ~Tim
I am on the "open market" again, my son..... read my bio... trying to come to grips myself! As you can tell from my bratiness, I am feeling somewhat better! - aj
the size and shape are certainly important but if you give her a good finish any other shortcomings will most likely be overlooked ;-))
Aj- "open market" what?!?! back in the original packaging and on the racks like the rest of us again ;) Just post an ad her at audiogon, judging by your interest in sports and audio(amongst many other of finer things in life) it shouldn't be a problem. I'm suppose to be the audiogon baby you better have that bratiness out of your system; that's my responsibility!!
maybe "open market" was a REALLY bad choice of words earlier... anyway, I guess that you have weaseled your way out of another one.... mostly :) aj
Yes, please do define "on the open market again"? :-)
In the same book? Maybe same page? :-)
Myraj, I DO apologize for getting your thread off so sideways.... sigh.... I would love to blame Tim, but it's my own fault... so sorry....and you know there are just.... sigh.... too many Bob Hopes wannabe's around here..... :) -aj
Does that mean a singer, or a dancer, or wants to entertain the troops, or just wants to be 99 years old?
....and just hate it when my thread gets off sideways! :-)
Why am I always involved with threads that go off course? guess maybe I am a "young punk" as Sean always refers to me ;)
myraj, ...just folks like us that our friends tell us that we're funny... "yeah, that's it... go on up... it'll be fine...."
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