what's kind amps & preamps for speakers aud-72 ?

Hi everyone here on the a'gon ,
i have 2 pairs of dynaudio 72 & 52 speakers with marantz dvd 9500 ,the acurus amp a125x5 preamps act-3 abm .but i try to update my amp & preamp ! if someone can guiding me what is sound good for those speaker (i listen rock n roll the most & by analog multi channel ) so Please help me .
Dynaudio's Audience series demands very strong amplification. I had the Aud 82, with another woofer, and they really took all the power my Bel Canto Ref1000 mkII could dish out. They rocked. Great bass. They exhibit a rather low efficiency (87-88) and a low 4 ohm impedance. The problem is a difficult-to-drive phase angle. I read something about it in a review/specs report. Your amp must have lots of damping power to control the woofers in the speakers. The tweeter is awesome, the mids are OK. I felt the Audience gave me an amazing sense of PRAT, fast driving, responsive, taut bass (a friend called it "dry"). I tapped my feet alot, and they were pretty easy to set up in the room (16x17) due to the small footprint. I listened to a wide range of music on these and they did a great job. I have replaced these with Von Schweikert VR4 SR mk 2 now. I think the PASS, Parasound Halo, Brystons, Krell, Mac, etc would be want you'd want. Lower prices--maybe some older Threshold or Forte amps, B/K, Acurus, Rotel, etc would do well (but need 200 wpc min).
PS, you cannot bi-amp the Audience speakers, a drawback since you have a multichannel amp now that you could use to give more power to the high/low.
Oh, now I see you need a m/c amp, not 2 ch. So substitute the equivalent m/c model for manufacturers I list above. I have a Sherbourn 5/1500 for my HT but it's not musical enough. I'd go Parasound Halo 51 for this and not look back, or a Class D m/c solution like Wyred4Sound.
Thanks Swanny ,i'm thinking krell pre-pro 7.1 or anthem avm30 ...with an amp m/c 5 or 7 .anyway very nice to meet you & have a good weeken .