What's it worth if you sold it today?

Many people discuss what their system cost vs. list price, etc., but recent times have caused people to sell off equipment for more essential needs. I don't carry my audio equipment on my "books" as an asset that I could liquidate, but I thought about it yesterday (what I'd raise by full sell-off) vs. what I have in it. This is what I came up with:

Retail $31900

Paid $24900

Sell $16900

The Sell price will drop off fast as my system includes an expensive pre/pro, which tend to lose value quickly. Anyway, what would you get? -Kirk

Kirk-Sell it all and go to Vegas and have a blast, get the most expensive call girl in the state and party! Well....ummm maybe that should just be a dream, keep it if your happy and worry about the what ifs when(if ever) you need too. btw I wasn't kidding if I had 16.9k of your money I would go to vegas and party :) don't worry I'd take pictures for you!!

It's kind of a balancing act. It's all about getting the stuff that sounds great in your system and has very good resale value. With digital I found that this theory goes out the window because of the super high pace of digital tech. So when you buy digital, you're pretty much burning 50% of what it's worth right away... In 4 months from now there'll be something twice as powerful etc...
So it depends where on the curve you want to be. Like some other members here, I've found that being on the late part of the curve for digital helps to keep money for other stuff like NOS tubes, cables and amps, which don't lose that much value. I'm actually thinking about getting a DAC for my EAD... Maybe I should wait until that Chord DAC settles in a bit :) We'll see. Good luck with the sale.
Got her number? Retail doesn't mean much with a bunch of my gear as it is only sold direct and value doesn't drop as much as that sold through retailers....
Clarification - I'm not selling my gear, just got to wondering what it WOULD be worth if I suddenly decided I could get by with a Bose Wave radio. Like many on Audiogon, I enjoy getting really good value for my money, and have focused on buying stuff at a good price. I think Buckingham points out the most pertinent part - digital is where most of the depreciation occurs. It's quite possible to buy a pair of speakers for 50% off retail, use them for 2 years, and sell them for basically what you paid for them. Not so with pre/pros or CD players. Anyway, no tale of woe here, just a mental exercise. -Kirk
Well compared with the stock market over the last couple of years I say it's a brilliant investent. Not to mention the functionality aspect.

Kirk; I've wondered that myself, but have not attempted to calculate it as components/wires etc. vary in age, demand, and perceived value. As a "rule of thumb" though, I'd just take 50% off retail to arrive at present selling price, and I think I'd be in the ballpark for my system, and your numbers look about that way too. Of course some parts are not recoverable such as dedicated AC system(s).

I don't totally agree about the rapid value drop in digital components, ie the Levinson M37 transport has been around 5-6 years (or more) and still is hard to find at 50% off it's original retail of $4K. In fact it's hard to find used at all. I think some "good brand name" digital gear holds it's value for quite awile if it has high perceived value. Also, as the 16/44 format is "mature" there is not as much that can be done to improve it IMO, so again perceived value of good brands can remain high. Cheers. Craig
They key is to buy good solid pieces that are deflation-proof, so to speak. I system would have cost someone $7.5k-8.5k to buy new using real world prices. I paid about $2.5k, so far. I'd be surprised if I couldn't get almost $2k out of it, here on audiogon. I could probably get the full $2.5k invested if I "parted it out" on eBay. Without a doubt.

I'm lucky that my digital front end was purchased at the END of it's depreciation curve. I'm waiting until last to invest is anything significant in regards to digital, since it is such a poor investment compared to other components. Ideally I'm like to find a EVS Millennium II DAC with AES/EBU inputs. I'd actually "spurge" on one of those. :-) (*hint, hint*)
Lexicon DC1 paid: 5000 resell now: 1400:( (on a good day)
Anthem Amp2 1300 1000:)
CD Changer 300 $2.50 (on a good day)
Marantz DVD18 1100 600ish:(
Paradigm Ref 100s 1300 800ish:)
Monster Power LC 600:( give it away for a dirty
picture...or $350:/
Analisys+Oval 9 350ish:) 250-300ish??:)
Transparent ICs 150used:) 150:)
Marantz MA500 300ish 160ish:/
Paradigm CC 500 ?????
Rears 400 200ish:/

i like the question!!!!
I've just figured out that the most expencive component I have is a SOFTWARE that some of that I need to liquidate on ebay or here or somewhere to get back some bucks for a new stuff to buy(maybe even components)
unless you bought your paradigm 100's used they sell for $2000-$2300 depending on finish.They may sell used for $1300 but probably a bit higher.Not $800 unless they're trashed.
Your system is worth whatever someone in this free market is willing to pay for it. I love this website because it is a great example of how the free market economy works. This free market constantly corrects itself due to the fact that equilibrium, the price at which buyers actually buy and sellers actually sell, is naturally found through our transactions.

Has anyone else ever emailed someone who lists the same item that you have listed at a lower price and complain to them? I know that it is part of the free market, but it is upsetting.
I think the best approach is to purchase second hand or demo items. Other than my analog front end, everythimg in my syste was purchased second hand or demo, and I think I would pretty much get what I paid for it (e.g., I paid $ 4800 for my Guarneris with full warrasnty, as they were a demo pair). The Linn analog front end was still a good deal since I bought it in Europe as I moved back to the US and received the 20% VAT back. Rather than selling it to buy something else, I just upgraded the cartrdige and the subchassis last year, giving it a new lease on life. Granted, it takes longer toput together THE system you want if you need to wait for stuff to come up on Audiogon, and you may have to put up w the system being down for a couple of week as you sell a piece off to upgrade, but [atience pays off.
Well sometimes folks just lose the mania.Guy comes into my shop where we only sell new and asks me if I'd sell his rig (which I had seen after installing highly inadequate speakers- first aspect of this guys descent).I say yes I'd off it and keep 25%.I regret call him back and ask how much he's take.I'm broke he has dough so my concience couldn't kick in before my car got started and I got a vintage late 80's early 90's rig that cost $7K backin the day for $500.My concience did kick in and I gave him another couple of 20's in my pocket.I then asked him what he was goin to replace it with."Oh my wife and I were thinking of a Bose rig at some point"How this man could have been sold a $2600 pre-amp is beyond me!