What's it worth?

I have a Thorens TD160 turntable with a Denon DL 103s moving coil cartridge, and a Mark Levinson JC1-ac moving coil cartridge preamplifier that I would like to sell. The items are in original packaging and are in tip top condition. I searched around a bit and found this site. You guys appear to be up on esoteric merchandise. I was hoping you could help me put a value on my old treasured equipment.
you could try the blue book for values . The stuff you have is worth quite a bit taken as a whole. But... anything is only worth what the market will bear at the moment you try to sell it.
you need to pay for the bluebook subscription. Also, buy an for sale ad.
These are popular items you're selling so there's plenty of information even beyond the blue book.
you can also query ebay sold items which will give you plenty of info of starting bid, or buy now price.
If I had the extra cash and times were a little better I would. Maybe somebody out there could give me an idea. I will be offering these items for sale soon.
I haven't been able to find the Mark Levinson JC1-ac that is an original model, let alone in the original box with paperwork and packaging. I have seen the cartridge and turntable, not together though. Plus mine does not have a damaged dust cover and has the original base in super condition. The only box missing is for the cartridge but the paperwork is all there including the original bill of sale.