What’s in your system today that you also had 10 years ago?

For me, it’s only my turntable, an LP 12, though I did have a Kore installed in 2015 so it’s not quite what it was 10 years back. 
a Lot: Sony TAE86b pre, Bryston 4b ST, Stoet 2 300b monoblocks, Michell Gyrodec, SME 309 arm......
My Basis Ovation turntable, my VPI HW16.5 record cleaning machine, my Merrill Stable Table and my Seakay Line Rover.  I had to downsize when I moved 4-1/2 years ago or there would be more that stayed the same.
Thorens TD 160 Super
Magnepan Unitrac Arm (Still looking for what I want to replace it with)
Shure M91 ed (also M97eX but don't use much)
Oppo DV 980 H
2 pairs larger Advents stacked just put back in

My ears.

yes, they need upgrading but I’m afraid my age is outpacing medical advancement.