What’s in your system today that you also had 10 years ago?

For me, it’s only my turntable, an LP 12, though I did have a Kore installed in 2015 so it’s not quite what it was 10 years back. 
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Linn LP12 with SME 3009ii improved; Shure V15 iii replaced by M97XE (but hardly ever used anymore).

At the time I had a Marantz multiformat DVD/SACD player, since replaced by a Panasonic Bluray/multiformat player that I will replace by an Oppo 4k player as soon as there is a meaningful amount of 4K material.

Quad 33 pre amp (refurbished).

The Quad 303 was replaced by a Quad 606-2 and the Quad ELS 57 speakers were replaced by their 2805. In short, the replacements were in the same style. More recently I added a subwoofer plus Antimode 8033.

VPI HW-19 MK3 with SME 309 tonearm and Grado TLZ cartridge ( new stylus replacement just about every two years).
Linn Genki CD player
I have my London/Decca Super Gold cartridge since the 80s. It's been serviced and had the stylus replaced with a better one. Incredible device. I've also kept my LP12 around but it needs repairs. 
SOTA Sapphire turntable.
Magnepan Unitrac tonearm.
Stax Lambda Pro headphones (but with a different Stax amplifier).
REL (Radio Engineering Laboratories) Precedent FM tuner.
Tandberg 3004 cassette deck.

Best regards,
-- Al

I a London Super Gold as well, on a Townshend Rock table (Mk.2 Elite version). The arm of 10 years ago---a Cardas-rewired Rega RB300---is gone though, replaced by a Zeta.

Other keepers are original Quad ESLs, a Revox A77, McIntosh MR78 and MPI4, Stax Lambda Pro Earspeakers, an ARC LS-1, and the ASC Tube Traps I found used for 100 bucks each (including a pair of the 16"!). Looks like I'll die still owning all the above.

Wadia 8 transport, I know redbook only but still ticking and sounding good.
Everything listed with my system except the phono preamp which was updated 8 years ago.

Have not used the Pilot 232 for years (still have it) and also use a pair of vintage Elac 8" wide range drivers (not listed with system, but owned for 15+ years).

Only a couple of interconnect cables and my audio rack have survived for more than 10 years.
Totem Forest speakers

KAB-mod'd.  Technics SL1210M5G
My Deja Vu Audio preamp and amp.
Audio Note DAC Kit 1.1
Antique Sound Lab T1 autoformer passive pre
Antique Sound Lab Tulip 2A3 SET amp
Audio Note AN-E/L speakers
My system components and speakers are exactly the same since  2002 with the exception of
2    20 amp circuits added 2 years ago. And a turntable  added 2012.
i admit I don’t swap out stuff much. My speakers seem to be my weak spot
to me for a long time


Electrocompaniet EMC 1-UP CD player.
@bdp24 I may have said this to you before but if you haven't done so already, fitting the Paratrace stylus brings substantial improvements. 

Nakamichi BX 300 Cassette Player, B&O Bang and Olfeson Beogram turntable . 
I didn't have a system 10 years ago, but I have a Musical Fidelity M1 DAC that's been with me since my very first system. It's totally out of its league in my current system, but I never cared much about digital and always ended up upgrading my analog rig instead of upgrading the DAC... And it's been like that forever. 
My Luxman PD 270 table with the Infinity Black Widow arm, B&O MMC 2 cardridge.
owned since new.
Everything in my system today was in there ten years ago.
MR 85 Tuner
but it is in the shop for a host of “ known” issues, so much for the renowned Mc reliability.....
My Eton 11-2 speakers, but in their 2nd cabinet--I just recently got the front end up to a level to hear how good the Eton's are--they aren't the last word, but they are good and even--no faults--and the front end matches--either I'm smarter at this than I have a right to be, or I'm just lucky!!  BTW, heard nothing in the system before having it on the doorstep.

Main System

Prima Luna PL5 - power amp (12 years)
Musical Fidelity CD Pre 24 - preamp/ tuner (14 years)
SONY SCD 555ES SACD player (17 years)
Opera Platea speakers (10 years)
QED speaker cables

Den System


Bedroom System

Outlaw RR2150 receiver (12 years)

Primary system, first to most recent:  Tandberg TCD 440D cassette deck, Rogers Studio 1 monitors, Sota Sapphire table, Belles Model 1 power amp, Pioneer PL 15 D II table.  

Several other pieces of that age are in other systems around the house.  I've been very fortunate with my choices; they all function properly and are a pleasure to use.

Happy listening indeed! 

Speakers (Dynaudio) and tuner (Denon/Japan). Tuner has been overhauled in the last few years but is essentially the same unit from the 80's. 
Pioneer PL 530 TT (new Grado cart.)
Pioneer CT-F650 cassette deck (seldom used)
ADC Sound Shaper 110 MK II EQ (seldom used)
Bose 901 Series III speakers (seldom used)
Synergistics S52 speakers (seldom used)
HK 3480 receiver (just for FM radio)

Yup, noromance, next time the SG get's retipped it's gonna be with a Pratracer. I know London cartridge builder John Wright is very much in favour of that stylus.
 My tube preamp. 

Cary SLP05.
Sansui 1000a tube receiver.
jbl l-65a.
denon dp-59l phono
rega Saturn cdp

Ready for another 10 to 20 especially after a recent restore of Sansui. 
Everything...Cambridge sound works tower 1, carver hr742 preamp, 2 carver A500x amps in bridged mono and carver sda490t CD player with monster cable interconnects.  This is now my office system I retired the system 
Polk SRS -SDA  3.1 TL SpK, Polk CS350 Spk, Adcom 555II Amp, Sony PS4300 TT, Musical Fidelity Cd. That's about all.

Rack, room, two thirds of my music, PS Audio Quintet, most important some of my audio friends

I'm still using many things from the 80's....a pair of Saras ST200 Tower speakers that I got around 1986, Luxman PD-300 turntable with Signet tone arm from about 1988, recently overhauled, so the vacuum system actually works (Just added a new Lyra Kleos MC cartridge to it last December as well). 

Also still use a 1998 vintage Cal Audio Labs CL-15 CD player that stills sounds great with my old HDCD discs, bought used, around 2003.

And I even have my old faithful Tandberg TCD3014 cassette deck so I can continue to play my old Grateful Dead bootleg tapes, from oh so many years ago. Ah, the memories.

My amp was until recently, a garage-built tube amp with Russian 813 tubes x 4, Amperex Bugle Boys, etc. Good for maybe 150 wpc class AB, acquired in 2004. Ran the Cal Audio into it directly, without a preamp, for a long time. 

Now I have started to upgrade a bit with newer (used, or demo, however) components such as an Audio Research Ref 75 amp with a fresh set of  KT 150's and an Audio Research SP20 pre amp.  So now I can really enjoy that turn table at last.

We also have a reasonably nice collection of MFSL and Sheffield LP's many of which are older than 10 years, if that counts.

The Luxman PD-300 witth the Lyra Kleos does sound very nice through the ARC Ref 75 and SP20, however it is now really clear that those speakers are in serious need of updating. "Newer" speakers  are next up. Starting to really want to seriously improve things now. We will see where all this leads to....

My system has not changed much the last 25 years.

I still have and use my 

Linn Sondek LP12 (Valhalla) with Alphason HR100S arm. Changed my Linn Karma Cartridge (bent cantilever) to a Denon DL-103r. 
Very impressed with the Denon although it is lacking the sound stage and depth of the Karma. I only have about 20 hours on it so I hope it will still improve. On all other levels it exceed my expectation regardless of all the reviews I've read.

Changed from a Tandberg  pre (TCA3002A) and power (TPA3003) (both still in the store room) in 2002 to a Krell KST /KSL and never looked back. I'm using a Musical Fidelity X-LP phono-stage and it works well. Planning to update it with the Little Pinkie PSU in the near future. I have a number of cables but am updating to the SILNOTE's Morpheus (They are in the mail as we speak - can't wait). I'm using very old MIT's at the moment.

Using an OPPO DVP981 HD which replaced a Sony DVPS9000ES due to region code problems. Very happy with the OPPO. Would like to upgrade to the Blu-ray model in the future.

I started of with the AR98LS in the 80's when my conception of bass was all that mattered, but I saw the light and upgrade to Celestion SL600's. Well there I fell off the band wagon since my amplifier, a 50 watt tube amp build by Daan Jacobs Audio in South Africa was just not powerful enough, but on jazz an acoustical music it was exceptional. I upgraded to B&W 804 matrix in 1997 and still have this pair. Could do with a bit more bass, but the current sound is perfect, unless I want to spend a lot more money. I'm using Kimber Kable 8VS and am very happy with them, although I feel with the new technologies in cable I might be able to do better within the same budget.
Musical Design D-150B amp....still powerful and musical !
well I'll see your 10 years and raise you twenty more. My Aragon 4004 power amp and 24k pre amp are still working just fine 30 years on....and though its currently on the second team my AR turntable is still turning...
My Pass X2.5 PreAmp & 250.5 Amp , B&W 802D’s and Quest power meters are still the heart of my system. Fixing/upgrading my Mitsuibishi LT-30 ( linear tracking) turntable to once again be part of the system.
KEF Calinda speakers that i purchased new in 1979. Used them in my main system until 2003. Moved them to a secondary system where I still regularly listen to them. I can listen to them for hours on end without any fatigue.
I guess almost everything......Ayre V1, Ayre K1 (with all the mods) Ayre C5xemp, VPI Superscoutmaster rim drive, Classic platter (new) 3D arm (new), 2nd pivot (new), Ortofon Winfield (newish), Vandersteen 5A speakers. ...and still making music.
Clearaudio Champion Level 2,  Graham 2.2 still in main system.  Lots of much older stuff in secondary systems...

Either this note is a testament to longevity, performance, and durability, or its an embarrassing insight towards an inability to change or hoarding.

Albeit, its more likely a statement of expedient value as time itself destroys ones option to recoop money from things once they are no longer in the popular vein. Few folks want to buy stuff ten years old or older, or now out of production and as well, pre-owned.

Sony 400 CD Mega changer which only holds the discs. It no longer responds to commands. Its probably dead but there was no proper funeral.

400 CDs of the current library. Likely a lot more are more than ten years of age.

Voodoo – Shunyata – Elrod power cords.
Harmonic Tech Magic II; micro Pearls; Audio Art; ICs.
HDMI – several lengths from D Cables.
Synergistic Research speaker cables, several varieties.
PSA – running Springs; passive PLCs
RCA - Amperex; 7308, 12AT & AX, NOS tubes
Sound Anchor 6 tier rack
Phase Tech vintage two ways, fully restored
Onkyo TSXR 805 multi ch receiver – as of this month its ten. works fine. Played daily.
Oppo 980 multi format disc spinner – occasional use.
Odyssey Stratos Plus 2 ch amp is still kicking quite well.

Not positive on the arrival dates of these but its darn close to ten years:
Butler TDB 5150; Velodyne DD 15; Bel Canto DAC 3;
Thor Audio Mk II line stage tube preamp.
Benq DLP projector
Integra DHC 99
Phase Tech PC 10.5 vintage towers work but definitely need a complete refurbishing. Soon.
Hi Face 24/192 USB to BNC converter

Albeit most items see little or no use over the past several years, I find it interesting everything works as it did originally, save the Integra remote control unit, and the sony mega CDP which long since has failed to rotate its carosel. It does however do a stellar job on archiving discs.

There’s a statement in there somewhere on build quality equating to longevity. An obvious lack of use lends itself to added life expectancy too. Many of these pieces sit idle on a couple tall racks off the grid. Without what I consider decent main speakers, I see no reason to fire it or them up at all and simply use the PC for audio and video, or for Bluerays use a Panasonic unit attached to the office Sony 32 inch LED..

BAT VK-3i (1998)
Vandersteen 5 (2007)
I own a bunch of gear from 10 years a go and some much longer than that, but I listen to none of it. My son has my Yamaha NS 1000 Monitors(1979), those I would like to listen to again with better electronics than I had back in the day along with a much better understanding of proper set up and room treatment.
Technics SL7... MIT cables.... Velodyne SMS 1
Stacked quad 57s
Oracle turntable
Home made speaker system composed of altec 515s and jbl 375
Vt-25a tube based single-ended ultrapath (aka parafeed) power amp.

As far as equipment I still use, I have a Theta Miles CD player I love. I use the analog balanced outputs. I also use my 1974 Pioneer PL 71 TT, which has a Koetsu Urishi Black mounted to it. I had to increase the tonearm's mass, but it sounds as good as my VPI Scoutmaster. I have a pair of Klipschorns and a Theta Casablanca III gathering dust, so to speak. I sold a Kora Hermes II DAC a couple of years ago, that worked great when I shipped it, but buyer returned it, due to a sonic problem in one channel. Not sure if it was damaged in shipping, or something else. I keep putting off checking it out.  Various cables and LP's of course. 
Krell KSA 100 / Krell KRC 3 / JBL 200 A's have changed out Pioneer reel to reel, dac's and CD players. Speakers 40 years, Amps 20+. Still Rocking!