What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report

I enjoy vinyl and digital (lately, with recent changes, vinyl actually sounds better than digital to me), BUT given what seems an overall preference for analog/vinyl on A'gon, I'm curious what the non-vinyl "1/2" is listening to. I tried to see if this was a previously posted question. Did not seem so.

This evening for me, it's Genesis (definitive edition remaster) "A Trick of the Tail".

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A haphazard bit of catching up and some belated greetings...
@tuzarupa - welcome. Saw your post (posts?) mentioning Tommy Flanagan. I love his economical and elegant style. Truly a "less is more" player. Underrated compared to his more "flash" contemporaries.

@justmetoo - welcome. Noted the comment about "classic" jazz in your Coltrane/Blue Train post. Sounds much like my own reaction and persistence with the genre. Thumbs up for Brecker’s Tales from the Hudson. I like his first half a dozen recordings where he’s group leader including the self-titled, Don’t Try This At Home, Now You See It, Two Blocks from the Edge, Time Is Of The Essence.

@jafant - Yeah...Neil’s Zuma. Might well be the favorite album by him.

@artemus_5 - GRAND FUNK RAILROAD. Don’t care what the critics thought about ’em or about the current stiffs that won’t vote them into the RRHofShame. Maybe that’s a badge of honor. Inside Looking Out, Heartbreaker, Mean Mistreater, Closer to Home...50 years old and still sounding good. Okay, so it ain’t Lerner and Loewe. (Let’s not talk about where they went later on with that string of forgettable radio hits but bills to pay and gotta eat, I guess).


@nutty - as ever, glad to see all you posted.


nice choice on Zuma.

Happy Listening!
Tom Petty - She's The One (Soundtrack now 25 years old).

Great song off a great album. maybe my favorite, though I like all of them, including "Phoenix".