What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report

I enjoy vinyl and digital (lately, with recent changes, vinyl actually sounds better than digital to me), BUT given what seems an overall preference for analog/vinyl on A'gon, I'm curious what the non-vinyl "1/2" is listening to. I tried to see if this was a previously posted question. Did not seem so.

This evening for me, it's Genesis (definitive edition remaster) "A Trick of the Tail".

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Al Stewart's  "Down In the Cellar", 2000.  Wine-themed songs......
Dream Theater - Awake

Check out track 2, Caught In A Web
Amazing - an over-used adjective, but totally fitting in this case - musicianship.

Thanks to Nutty for recommending this one.
Craig Chaquico - "Acoustic Highway"
Allen Toussaint- R.I.P.
The 2nd disc of the Beatles White Album remaster.  Wow!