What s in front of your chair?

I'm condsidering putting an ottoman in front of my listening chair, but am concerned about sonic effects. However, could an ottoman be beneficial as a low frequency absorber? If so, what type of ottoman would be best? I'm thinking cloth covered with natural stuffing, i.e. wool or cotton. Has anyone experimented with this? I guess anything would be better than a glass table. I just don't want to buy something then not like it because once it's in, it will never leave(SO). Hey, maybe there's a product in this thread for some ingenious furniture maker: Audiophile Ottomans, $10,000, Chairs, $15,000.
Be sure to get the one with pure silver nails and upholstery tacks, they sound sooooo much better.
Don't worry about it. You won't hear a difference. Just buy a good comfortable scandanavian recliner and matching ottoman and sit back and enjoy.
It might have a sonic impact, but I couldn't say for sure until I know what kind of CD transport you are using and which cables you have in your system. Just kidding - hey lighten up and get an ottoman. I have a leather ottoman with my chair, and although the leather is probably reflective, I don't think it matters.
Metaphysics:....Got one of them there 25k combos;rated 10/10 for sure /5 years old/ but practically NIB/with packing;and the "ALL IMPORTANT" manual.Yes, this is the "pure silver nail model" 'Don't get much better than this.A steal at only 7.5k(half price for you math majors) : COD,money order. Prominent bridges, and quality Florida locations are our usual fair,but we also do pyramid investments.Send us your $$$ we'll put it to work for you.Then you can really enjoy that chair/combo.
Interestingly enough, there was company in Italy about 5 years ago who started selling decorative area rugs "specifically designed" for listening rooms. Never saw or "heard" one..but I'm sure some people bought them.