What's happened to Taters ?

As odd as this may sound, I miss him and his odd posts !!

Noooooooooooooo.............don't say that!   Honestly other than his constant attacks on rap music I didn't really mind him but perhaps the mods gave him a talking to? Or he gave rap another chance and emerged a changed man? Who can really say.......
He tends to get bored and bounce around to other sites so that he can agitate others as well.
Over on Audio Asylum his moniker is Spudz.
I know he frequents other sites as well, under other monikers.

Spread the harassment. ;^)
Along those same lines, what happened to Melbguy1?
Zd is awol as well
Yes, Zd disappeared around the the time of the new Audiogon format. 
I know, I actually miss Zd's knowledge, experience and forthrightness.  I tend to agree with much of what he says......

And bo72 isnt around
I wonder if taters and bo72 are the same?
maybe they saw the light & are spending their time listening to music rather than posting on audio forums! ;-)
I also thought he was French Fries here, but  may be wrong. He does seem to have a thing for the edible tuber. 
bo1972 is still around. He's currently on a MIT cable thread pimping his Audioquest cables.


Melbguy1 cancelled his Audiogon membership due to too much shilling in the forum section. There are several members who are obviously pushing sales through the forum section here. Forum moderators here protect those that sell over normal audiophiles. In other words, money talks.
Most can look the other way, some cannot.
Did not see eye to eye, ear to ear with melbguy..but principles are important..
Also did not see eye to eye with Melbguy a/k/a Mr. Magico One dare not say anywhere in the forums that Magicos are not objectively and subjectively the best speakers ever made. Melbguy would be there to correct you. That said, I was entertained by his ubiquitous and ferocious championing of the brand ---even though I'm not a fan.  
Too busy occupying Wall Street and protesting at Trumps rallies.
He is trucking with his chips cashed in!!
He bought the 100 top selling Rap albums of all time, and has locked himself in his listening room.
Has anyone ever noticed that you don't see these guys in the same forum at the same time?? 
Taters has been listening to a lot of rap and doesn't have time to post anymore.  Lol.  

Did we find taters/bo72 ?
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You CAN have him back(some assembly required): http://www.ebay.com/itm/25-Mister-Potato-Head-body-parts-/131779558815?hash=item1eaeac7d9f:g:gjQAAOS...
So rodman,
He sells toys under 8kidzmom on ebay or this is his wife?

Bo72 is trapped in a 3D cube that was made in China by Monitor Audio!
hope taters/bo72 is alright....
I tell you they're aliens! They didn't disappear, they just went home!!!
bo1972 has been posting very recently....
No taters???
I like gravy on my French fried taters. Hmmmm.
there's french-fries dood in here too. 

Taters is listening to all the rap he can get his hands on.  Lol.

Did we find Taters?
Maybe Taters cashed in his chips.
Bo1972 is posting again....
No tater tots.  What happened?