What's happened to AUDIO magazine????

I am a subscriber to AUDIO and read on Stereophile's web site a while ago that AUDIO was going down. When I received my last (I mean LAST issue) issue I looked for an editorial or obituary . . . none to be found. A manufacturer posted a review that was submitted to AUDIO befoe it "closed down". Does anyone have any answers?
I suppose it was bacause they sucked. I started just throwing them away when it came in the mail. (Why did I ever subcribe?) we're better off without em.
"...group publisher Tony Catalano hinted that the "Audio" demise was actually a result of problems in the high-end sector of the audio business..." (quoted from the new "Stereophile") according to that statement, one may draw the conclusion, that high-end audio is entering "crisis" (look "Fi" "MFSL"..etc) I dont think that is the case, but the fact that "two chanel" audio, as we know it, isn't becoming "consumers" choice any more. Look, DVD's Home Theather...etc.
Somebody needs to still put out its October issue.
Ljgj, I agree, but nobody will.
As far as the a replacement for Audio's October issue goes, in the early through mid '90's The Absolute Sound (TAS) put out some excellent "Guide to High End Sound" issues. They were really good and the section introductions, such as amplifiers, were very informative and well written. Perhaps if enough of us asked TAS to start the practice again, they might listen. Surely the advertising revenues alone would make the costs worth while.
The TAS directory was interesting, but had an incredible number of typo's! If you still have one, don't rely on the info provided.
The Stereo Review directory is also a possibility, but leaves a bit to be desired.
I too agree that SOMEONE should keep the October Buyers Guide tradition going. My library includes the last twenty years of them. I'll go into withdrawal this fall.HELP!
Has stereo review or any other publisher stepped up to the plate and will replace Audio magazine's annual equipment directory?
Audio and Stereo Review were put out by the same publisher, and they felt they didn't need the two magazines, especially with the popularity fo home theatre, apparently Audio lost out to SR's Sound and Vision. I liked Audio better, especially when it brought me back down to the real world from Stereophile. Jeff