What's going on with Synergistic Research fuses?

I live in California and a couple of weeks ago we had strange lightning storms that started the many fires burning in the State.  It also fried the fuse in my Pass XA30.5.  I got the amp second hand and it came with a SR Blue fuse.  I called Pass and they recommended a very cheap fuse which I ordered and installed.  Because I was curious, I took the SR sticker off the old burnt out fuse and found that it was a very cheap SIBA brand fuse underneath.  It is clear that SR is either not making the ceramic casing for this fuse or using the SIBA fuse and then doing stuff to it.  At the very worst, it's just slapping a sticker on it and charging a ton more

The thing is, I'm pretty sure I could hear a difference for the worse when I installed the cheap glass fuse post lightning storm.  Could it be that SR is modifying an existing fuse to make it sound better?  Maybe some more technically minded folks here on the forum could help me understand

Just to be clear, my post was not intended as a takedown of Synergistic Research.  In fact, I noticed the blue fuse actually did sound quite a bit better than the other fuse I installed.  I guess I'm just interested in what they are doing to that cheap SIBA fuse to make it sound so good?  Maybe it's a trade secret but I thought maybe somebody might have insight into "how the sausage is made"
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So lighting strikes caused surges on your local power grid, enough to cause at least one fuse to blow right? Yikes. Sorry to hear; I do wonder if it’s possible that other components were stressed in your amp, or other gear, and that might be responsible for the perceived degraded sound your hearing. I would always defer to the chiefs at Pass Labs, they know best. Do you by chance have any transient surge protection in your breaker panel or power conditioner?

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I contacted Pass and they assured me that at their old factory near the Desolation Wilderness, they would often get hit by lightning.  They lost office equipment but the guy I talked to said they never fried a power amp.  I do have an Isotek power conditioner but unfortunately I had the Pass amp plugged directly into the wall as some folks said this was the best practice.  I now have the power amp plugged into the Isotek for the  protection and I think it actually sounds better.   The amp was on standby when the lightning hit.  There was no bad smell or any other indication of electronics getting fried.  All this being said, it still sounds great.  These are minor differences