What's driving your 805's

Just for kicks, I'm curious to see what other amps and subwoofer configurations are being used by B&W 805 owners.
I'm happily paired with an Adcom 5802 and REL Storm III.
My Nautilus 805's sound fantastic paired with the Electrocompaniet ECI-4 integrated amp (of all my gear, these 2 pieces are the only ones that my wife makes me promise never to sell). Bass hopefully to be augmented in the near future with a recently purchased Genesis 900 sub.
I hd a GFP750/5802 combo running my 805 Matrix III's but liked thepre in active mode except it was too much power and had to use passive.Myny folks say B&W need SS grunt but I also had nice resukts withsome tube stuff in the 45-90 watta range (CJ and Mesa Baron).Problem with B&W'has been where the sensitivity is high the ipedance swings can make lower power not cut it.But I think you might want to read about and try other amps as I don't think you need that much power.How about those new Bel Canto's?Anyway wondering why you didn't mention the pre-amp you used?
using kora eclpse pre, with kora cosmos mono amps. nodust wires.
Arcam A85/P85 combo with a REL Strata III. Sounding good to me.
Im using an Aragon 24k preamp and Aragon8008BB amp.
The sub is B&W ASW800,this combo works magic!!!
Chazz- thanks for inputting. I'm using a B&K Ref30 (for the time being), but for this thread I was primarily interested in the amp/sub pairings used with the 805's. There's obviously plenty of headroom with 300 wpc and my room acoustics are good, so its tough right now to justify amp auditions. However, I'm always willing to hear qualified opinions.
Meridian 557 Amp. This is a great amp. The Adcom 5802, Conrad Johnson 2500A and Spectron Amp are great to. I'm also using a ACI Sub on the Nautilus 805s.
I am driving my N 805's with a Linn Klout amp and a BAT VK30SE, using all FMS cables. Very sweet combination. These speakers have an lot of potential if you take the time to match your components to them!

By the way the sub is a Velodyne HGS-12.
Initially, I had my N805 driven by Krell 300i integrated amp. I thought the Krell had a great control over N805. Now, I am driving the N805 with Jeff Rowland Model 10. The result is stunning. I have never heard N805 sounding this good. I do not have a subwoofer, but I do not feel any need for it, especially with Rowland model 10. It appears that N805 simply disappears, which I only felt when I auditioned Audio Physics Virgo III.
I've got (4) N805s and (1) HTM-2 driven by a Rotel RMB-1095. I also have a REL Strata III. Love this combonation.
Musical Fidelity A3cr
My relatively low-rent HT approach: 2 Sony TA-N9000ESs in BTL (2x200 WPC + 1x115 WPC) mode. My 805s are on 200W channels, one on 1 amp, the other on the other. The other 200W channels are used for the surrounds (CWM 800s) The remaining 115W channels are used to biamp the center (HTM2)
I play 2-ch SACD directly from my S9000ES through a Creek OBH-10 to the extra 2-ch inputs on the amps.

Works for me.
P.S. the sub is a SVS 20-39PC. I guess the HT emphasis is apparent. Buttkicker2 under the floor.
Adcom GFP-750/ Musical Fidelity A3cr. If I did it again, Krell drove them better but that is my preference. I've wanted to like Thiel but my ears can't take the . B&W / Krell was the closest I could get.