What's causing the highs to be rolled-off?

I finally achieved the fullness, detail, and bass-weight I want from my system.

My system:

Blue Circle BMPH integrated-solid state /Audience PC (to FIM outlet)
Modwright Sony 999ES /VH Audio Flavor 4 PC/ Furutechs
Raytheon tubes
Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref II (single end)
PS 9.0(power supply for Modwright/ tube rectified)
Black Sand Violet V1 PC
Raysonic CD 128 (VH Audio Flavor 4)Wattgates
EH 6922 tubes
Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref II (single end) and Blue Jeans XLR
PS Audio Premier /PS Audio Statement SC PC
Reimer Wind River GS speakers
Acoustic Zen Satori cables
HSU vtf 2 mk2 sub / FIM outlet/ PS Audio Ultimate Outlet
Earthquake Supernova Mk IV sub

Both my sources are connected to the Premier. BMPH to the wall. The problem is the highs are rolled off. What do you think is causing this? A few days ago I cleaned the Audience PC connected to the BMPH with deoxit- I wiped it off but did not use anything like alcohol to clean off the deoxit. Could that be causing roll off in the highs? Or could it be the PS Audio Statement SC power cord which just finished break-in after 2 weeks of playing. I'm considering trying a DCCA cord on the Premier in place of the Statement SC.

Thanks for your feedback.
it is possible that the highs may not be rolled off. if you are accustomed to a bit of sparkle in the treble and have lost it because you recently replaced some components, you may now have a more balanced frequency response.

most stereo systems are bright. you are fortunate.
why not live with it for a while. after you get used to it, you may prefer its presentation.

you can always add a one meter silver cable between your raysonic and the inegrated amp.
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One of the things that "breaking in" of any component will do is to reduce the high end glare, brightness, shrillness, or what ever term you prefer. The highs will mellow, and the bass will tighten...but the most noticeable effect is in the treble region...at least that has been my experience.

Also, tubes approaching the end of their life span will result in a high roll off and lack of dynamic punch, sometimes, but not always, accompanied by an increase in background noise [hiss].
is it still possible it is perception vs reality. if i thought there was an attenuation in treble response, i would try to gather evidence. a reliable spectral analyzer, and a test disk of white noise is a first step to determine if the highs are rolled.

the fact that there is less treble energy than there once was does not mean the highs are rolled off.

anyway, if you are not pleased, it is very easy to add some sparkle in the treble region.
a couple things would help--for one--try removing ALL and ANYTHING you have by ps audio -- just eliminate it--they are filters and causing you to lose highs--e-mail me back if you like what you hear...