What's between your AA"S

Until the format war ends, I am trying to improve my existing digital. I currently have a DDE 3.0 modified by Dusty Vawter and a DDS Pro transport. Anyone using and jitter controls or upsamplers between their Audio Alchemy units
I would dump the AA gear and switch to Muse gear (Model Five transport, Model Two Plus DAC). A far superior combo that you can get used for very reasonable price.

Good Luck.
I got rid of My CAL Alpha and theta for an AA3.0. Stick with what you have. For the money it can't be beat. The jitter controls were usually sold with the lower model AAs (I think).
I have DDS Pro with an EAD 7000 MK III.

I've just added a Dti Pro 32 and it's a very worthwhile upgrade considering the low cost.
The soundstage is bigger, more width and a little more depth. The sound is cleaner, maybe a tad too bright for the more harsh sounding solid state equip out there, but great with my CJ tubes.
If you need to know anything else about this setup, drop me a line.
get a dti pro or the pro 32 and you can hook it up with the is2 cable i think. get a power supply upgrade for your dac and the pro aa made a powerstation 2 that would run both i think, im useing monalithic mps dusty made it..i just sold a dti pro to a friend that has well over 100k in his setup and he loved it. camalot made a cable to hook the two units up..