What's better than Oritek X-2

I have the X-2 and have tried other cables hoping to improve my systems performance and have yet to be successful.
I have tried Acoustic Zen Matrix II and the big bad Nordost Heimdals. The Nordost were faster and more detailed but, nowhere near as musical. I have also tried SuperConductor II and some cryo-silver cables. I don't like silver much. Any suggestions. I would like more speed and detail and air without losing the musicality of my system. Cary sli-80 f1, Cary 306 SACD, AZ Adagio's, speaker cable is in wall transparent, so I am stuck with that.
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how much are the X-2's by the way (1 meter), I couldnt see that info on the website.
hoover, eureka, dust devil
hoover, eureka, dust devil
Let's not leave out Dyson, the Linda Lovelace of vacuums.
hoover, eureka, dust devil, Dyson - they all suck...
Dust, that is... :-)
For those of you interested in the thread and not vacuum cracks. I have ordered pair of the Jade Vermeil ic's. Boa I am using a Black Momba pc on the cdp and a AZ cord on the amp.
I will let you know what I think, it will take a month to get the ic's.