What's better than Oritek X-2

I have the X-2 and have tried other cables hoping to improve my systems performance and have yet to be successful.
I have tried Acoustic Zen Matrix II and the big bad Nordost Heimdals. The Nordost were faster and more detailed but, nowhere near as musical. I have also tried SuperConductor II and some cryo-silver cables. I don't like silver much. Any suggestions. I would like more speed and detail and air without losing the musicality of my system. Cary sli-80 f1, Cary 306 SACD, AZ Adagio's, speaker cable is in wall transparent, so I am stuck with that.
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I agree with Tvad that this is a subjective question and system and component dependent...having said that...and I love the X-2's... in my personal systems I have found great happiness with the Jade audio vermeil and gold cables
I'd highly recommend anything that sounds good to you and fits your budget.

I hope that's not too specific.
I would recommend the Jade Vermeil as well if you want to give the X-2s a run for the money. In my system the Vermeil and X-2 were very close. In the end I did prefer the X-2s, but I hope to be able to make the leap to the Jade Gold and compare them against the X-2s. If you want to try a silver cable that also compares favorably against the X-2, try the Crystal Cable Micros. You can get them on a 30 day trial so there is little risk. Has the speed and detail you desire, but may not be as musical as you like. Only way to tell is to try them out. Same for the Ridge Street Audio Poemia!!!. Another silver cable that will suprise you. I've had a pair in my system now for over a year and they are tough to beat.
I wish I could agree with the above respondents, but I really think that I'm the one who should do the listening for you, prior to you deciding which cables to buy. Sound good?

Jokes aside, take this for what its worth:
- Want speed & detail? IMO, that means more silver, not less
- I've heard the X-1 (very good), but not the X-2 (better, I'm sure)
- I tried the Transparent in-wall speaker cables...made my music sound slow & blurry.
- What type of PC are you using on the Cary?
- What type of 6922/6SN7 are you using? Makes a big difference.

Alternatively, you could contact The Cable Company & try their loaner program. In the end, however, I think that being stuck with your current speaker cables is going to hamper your efforts. YMMV, IMHO, JPAITIGOTLFTVIMH (don't even try...)

Best of luck!
Check with Robert at Ridge Street Audio and see if his new Alethiuos cable is ready!!!!
Now Thorman, if you could spell the name correctly! :)
Sory: I shud hav uzd spel chek !
In our listening, the X-2 was beat handily by the Virtual Dynamics Revelation version 1.0. The X-2 ranked second and beat out a bunch of other well known interconnects. Interestingly, the Speltz scored within 85 to 90% of the X-2. Both the Speltz and the X-2 were much, much better than the X-1.
how much are the X-2's by the way (1 meter), I couldnt see that info on the website.
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For those of you interested in the thread and not vacuum cracks. I have ordered pair of the Jade Vermeil ic's. Boa I am using a Black Momba pc on the cdp and a AZ cord on the amp.
I will let you know what I think, it will take a month to get the ic's.
when using the term "better", especially for those of us not familiar with the oritek cables, it would be useful to describe the way in which one cable is better than another.

one man's treasure is another's trash. better for you might not be better for me, especially if we value highly, different sonic attributes.