What's better than FIM power cords

I think these are great, they just drive me crazy trying to bend them and I broke one of the connectors
Lot's of choices

You may want to look at Companies like Fusion Kubala DCCA etc..there are so many and like everthing else in this hobby YMMV once you sampled these in your system
Flexible "upmarket" power cords I have used include: Tekline Reference and Micro Reference, TelWire, Lessloss, Shunyata Python and Anaconda.

None is universally better than another, but each offers good performance in a cord that is easily maneuvered in one's system.
Tvad - How would you compare the Teklines to the other cords that you mentioned? You're the first one I've seen to have auditioned the Teklines other than someone who was connected to the company. Thanks!
The Tekline cords are excellent. They are more refined and extended than the Lessloss cords with better bass definition. They have more midrange body and bass than the TelWire cord (perhaps the TelWire is more neutral). I can't compare them to the Shunyata cords as it's been a long time since I owned Shunyata, but I would say the Teklines can certainly hold their own.

Of course, this is all my opinion based on hearing these products in my system.

As I said earlier, all the cords are very good in their own way.
I will chime in on the Audio Horizons Transparency cord. Very neutral and and balanced from top to bottom. Great detail also!

I have the same power cable as you (FIM)and the Audio Horizons in my system. The FIM is great as you know. It offers the best bass and bass detail I have heard in a power cord. The AH offers more air and perhaps a tad more forward midrange.
Check out the Kaplan Cables over at www.tweekgeek.com. A new entry into the upmarket PC's that have a lot going for them.
I've had my best luck with Synergistic Research cables. David Elrod also makes very good PCs.
6SONSAUDIO Golden Eagle line of pc & ic...these cables are insanely good - 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like them. No affiliation with the company, just a very happy customer. These cables transformed my system, they are simply incredible.
Thanks for all the answers, after I get my room figured out I'll try some of these cords
very interesting, what other cables have you compared the Golden Eagles to and what components do you use?
Is the PCs with Acrolink top of the line connects?
I am using Oyeida plugs with Accrolink wire for power cords. The difference between these and very good power cords I had was stunning.

Compared them to:

XLO Sig.2
Tara Labs The One
Nordost Quattro Fil
Electraglide Epiphany X
Moray James

Components in use:

PMC AML1 / 2-MJA Ref200 subs
Tom Evans Vibe / Pulse Pre
Plinius M14 Phono Pre
Amazon Ref TT / Tri-Planar Arm / Benz Ruby2 Cart
Equi=tec 5Q Conditioner
Denon 5900 CDP...doesn't get much play time.
Full compliment of 6SONSAUDIO Golden Eagle PC / IC

Yes, the PCs use the Acrolink top of the line connects, so do the ICs.

They really are outstanding cables - both the PCs & the ICs are fantastically good. My AML1's hide nothing - they flesh out everything, with other cables in my system I could hear where they were faulting, the G.E. model is very balanced from top to bottom. The PCs alone will make your jaw drop. You can hear the difference the second you plug them into your system.

I can vouch for the integrity of the guy selling them as well - Gary is first class.


Sorry...forgot. I also compared the Golden Eagle to Purist Aqueous & Venustas as well.
agree fusion audio the enchanter the best
The VH Audio Airsine is a quite flexible.

The Swedish Ericksson EKKJ 3x2,5kv outdoorcable are a shielded solid core cable worth trying. The best?