What's better than a Jolida 100cdp & under 1k?

I currently own a Jolida 100cdp, is there a better cdp for less than 1k used? I am looking for natural-silky mids, 3-d soundstage and bass you can feel- live performance like ....

Any recommendations?
Ah Tjoeb 4000 with upsampler and tubes. I switched and never regretted it
Why not buy a DAC and use the Jolida as a transport?
I like the Rega Apollo better than the Jolida. I've owned both.
Yes, I had the Jolida 100, Meridian 508.24 and Parasound 100. I now have two Cambridge Audio 840c for each of two systems and these are much better cdps than those owned previously. I also use the accessible DAC to run Squeezebox Classics into for Pandora and server music. I have also compared the top level Oppo player in a/b comparisons and they are quite close. The Cambridges are keepers.
One audiophile I know can't stop raving about the Sony SCD-XA5400ES. On a popular auction site they can be found new for a little over $900 plus shipping. Shipping was also from the US.
I have a modded JD100 and it's my oldest piece. I also have a Krell SACD standard mk3 and a Don Allen Marantz changer. I have thought about the 5400ES often too. It does get raves. Most seem to really like it, but I did see where one audiophile said it sounded clinical in his setup and some others have sold theirs (like we all do). Whatever you buy to replace the Jolida will be a gamble as to whether it synergizes and matches well in your system to give you pleasurable sound. It's always, always about synergy. Let us know what you buy and how you like it. By the way, "for bass you can feel" I've read that the players with stronger bass performance will cost you several thousands more than your budget.