What's better swapping arm tubes or headshells????

Thinking what would be better swapping arm tubes on VPI Memorial or using SME IV with changing headshells?Both are excellent arms but I am thinking of what is easiest,fastest and most accurate in terms of VTA and HTA?There is also the issue of vibration.I thought that many maufacturers strive to have as few junctions in their designs as possible (i.e. Rega).Thoughts????
It is a much simpler process to change arm tubes on the VPI because you simply unplug the leads and lift the armwand off. But there is really no VTA adjustment to speak of with the VPI. Both arms are great but I really prefer the SME. It is such a high quality product and it is so smooth in operation. I don't think vibration is really an issue because of the clamping mechanism used by SME.