What's Better - Denon 2900 or Sony NS999es? Why?

I am considering buying a new DVD/SACD combination player. Your opinions please on the two mentioned. I wish I had the bucks for the Denon 5900. Which has better sound, pictures, features? Thank you!
For what it is worth, TAS ranked the appr $1000 Yamaha higher than the Denon 2900 an issue or two ago. As such, it may be worth checking out.

Having said that, i'm sure that the Denon is much better than the Sony in terms of video performance. As far as audio goes, the Denon supposedly comes with higher grade DAC's and offers more potential after modifications, but in stock form, who knows ??? Sean
Unless you A/B them, its hard to tell. I own the Sony and use it for DVD and multi-channel SACD and it's fantastic. Best digital performer I've ever had, especially in so many areas. Superb DACs. It's in the HT system. I use a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 DAC in the two channel system and like it a lot too. But i have never A/Bd them.
Thanks for the responses. Any dealers out there who carry both who might know? I would probably not have either unit modified. I would be tempted to spend the extra money for the 5900 Denon instead. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.
The 5900 ability to play CD, DVD, DVDA, DVD Audio, SACD, etc., interests me as well. The rumors of High Definition DVD video appearing possibly as soon as next year, coupled with the hisory of rapidly depreciating value of digital gear, makes it hard to recommend the long green cost.
audioreview.com made my mind up for me. Way too many repairs on sony and pioneer. I went denon.
Quite honestly, i was stupid and shelled out the cash for the 2900. Mind you, it's not a bad unit, but i should have learned my lesson and just bought something that was cheap, competent and easily modifiable. Having said that, i wanted something that had very good video ( and the 2900 does ) and was a "universal" player. Now that i've shelled out the cash and have had it a while, i still don't own any DVD-A discs and still have the same handful of SACD's that i had prior to purchasing the 2900. If i had it to do all over again, i'd probably buy an inexpensive Panasonic unit and live without certain "audiophile" capabilities. There just isn't much music available on these formats that i want and on top of that, what is available that i've purchased isn't all that much better than good redbook. In fact, some of the SACD's that i've heard sound WORSE than the redbook versions.

As a side note, the Panasonic's don't sound bad at all for what they are and the video is quite good. As far as music goes, drop a CD into them and let them play on repeat for a week or so. You might be amazed at what you hear after that.

How do i know this? We compared a "universal" Pioneer, a Philips with SACD capability and a Panasonic in my Brother's system and the Panasonic was by far the best performer in terms of sonics. The Pioneer was piss poor and didn't rank at all. The Philips had great PRAT, but was far from neutral sounding i.e. smooth, warm and syrupy. The Panasonic was initially somewhat hard and bright sounding, but improved quite drastically with more use i.e. after the week long "repeat" trick.

Do yourself a favour and spend what you need to get what you want, but don't think that you need it all at this point in time. You don't and won't miss it. Sean

PS... As with any other video device, they all work MUCH better when you have the TV properly calibrated. The use of Video Essentials or Avia can make a world of difference.
Sean, does the Panasonic have SACD ability? I'm guessing it does not.
Panasonic does DVD-Audio but not SACD...
After talking to Dan at ModWright, about the performance of the 2900 versus the NS999ES, after similar mods performed to each, I was sold on the 2900. Then, after looking into the additional offerings of the 5900 over the 2900 (HDCD, DVI, iLINK, better chassis, etc.), I decided to get a 5900 and have Dan mod it for me. Sure, there may be better players available in the near future, but because of a prior product (JVC) failure and exchange credit, the time to strike for me is now.

Would either of the above players perform well as transport for Golddmund 12+ dac.