What's Best To Put Under My Speakers?

I have Mirage M5si bi polar towers that are pretty heavy. They have a base at the bottom and I have them flush on the rug. What can I put under them and is it best to in fact raise them a little? Thanks, Mark
Do your speakers have threaded holes for spikes? If so you could try purchasing threaded spikes. I have used Black Diamond Racing cones before installing the speaker spikes with good results. Caution using them without studs - the speaker could be pushed or nudged off
if you want the best..imo..platforms to place under your speakers the sistrum platforms are superb. i have tried many different ways to isolate my speakers from both external vibrations and internal vibrations and nothing comes close to the results obtained from the sistrum platforms....i currently use the sp-1's under my piega c-10 ltds as well as under all of my other gear.the results are amazing. go to their website ..audiopoints.com for more information..
Thanks to both of you who responded. I'll look into it. Mark
Check these people out: http://www.oregondv.com/Floor_Standing_Speaker_Stands_Plinths.htm
My wife's head.
It's hard as a rock and shows no signs of sound retension.