What's best for MX's?

Berning or Ars-Sonus Filarmonia?
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What exactly does your question mean?
I'm guessing he means, what is the best amplifier for Merlin VSM-MX's between the Berning ZH270 and the ARS Sonum Filarmonia? Granted not a lot to go on wrt room size, choice of music, other ancillary components, etc...

The Berning is 70 Watts I believe and while it can be used as an integrated with 2 line level sources, my understanding is that it is best served with a more full sounding pre like the Joule. The ARS is an integrated and puts out 30 watts, (I have one on order). Bobby now distributes the Filarmonia so he obviously feels it's a great match for his speakers, and who would know better than him. Thus my order.

I'm sure Bobby would have an opinion but he'd likely want a bunch of additional info as well on the requestors system, (which anyone answering would I'm guessing).


Did you order the Ars with the V-Cap option? Do you want the gold or silver faceplate?
V-Cap Option? This will sound stupid but I wasn't even aware that there was a v-cap option? Don't know if mine will be coming with it or not but I'll ask Bobby.

I'm after the gold faceplate myself. Thanks,

The silver looks good on my desktop. Will you place it on the floor or a stand such as an Symposium Ultra/Critical Mass?
I hadn't really thought about anything beyond the standard BDR cones under my existing tube amp on my Quadraspire Q4 rack. Not the worlds best setup granted but I'm thinking about a Arcici rack, (not sure of the spelling on that one), next. I haven't been able to find too much info on the Critical Mass stands. Any thoughts on a dedicated stand/shelf are appreciated. Thanks,

It turns out that the V-Cap was a special order only.
I have a GPA Monaco for the source and may aquire an amp stand.
Here's a link to Critical Mass Systems:


Critical Mass Systems
Have any of you sold your Joule, CAT, Atmasphere or similar level seperates for the ARS Sonum because it was better, or close enough that you felt it was worth pulling the money out of your system. I have not heard the ARS, and knowing Bobby I have no doubt it is an excellent sounding piece (trust me I'm tempted), but better than the aforementioned separates (or real, real close) - that would be something.
I asked Dave Berry the same thing earlier this week. He said he sold his Joule system($25k)after hearing the Ars. It doesn't look as impressive as mega $$$ seperates, but it certainly competes.
Three years ago, B@M told me to place an order...I didn't. Now there's a waiting list.