What's best amp for around $2000.00?

Blue Circle DAR, Vincent SV236, Puccini Analogue. I prefer to stretch the $$ on a turntable. Thanks in advance.
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Impossible to say without knowing the speakers and preamplifier being used.
Check out NAD C-375BEE. At $1299, will leave you some for turntable and Bellari VP130 phono preamp. NAD has a built in phono stage, but not as good as rest of package. HiFi Bargain.
Odyssey has an outstanding line of amps.


Sold directly to the consumer. Kaus, the owner, is a straight-shooter and is noted for his customer servie. The Stratos Monos go for around $2K and are exceptional. His smaller and lower-priced Khartago amps received a very positive review in Absolute Sound.
I don't know but the Musical Fidelity A3CR I have used in my system the last year or so continues to satisfy. It cost me only $600 used on ebay and was a steal.
After a trip to the RMAF, I too will have to go with Odyessey. Went back several times to affirm my original impressions.
Made in the US, built like a tank, and sounded better than some much higher priced offerings. Not bad to look at, also.
Used Rowland 201s are a great choice and have the advantage of small size and low heat.
Hey folks, all the amps he listed in the original post are integrated amps, so as good as the Odysseys are, wrong hammer.
Hey folks, Tvad's right (well mostly) without knowing the speakers it's impossible to say.
If you wanted to go class d, Wyred has show samples for sale on their website. Great value and sound.
Also make great integrateds.
If you can find a used Innersound ESL they usually go for about $1600 and it is an abolutely sublime amp. Parasound A21 is another nice alternative.