What's been your turntable ownership over the years?

Dual 1225
B&O RX with MMC5 cartridge
Denon DP-59L 
Rega Planar 3
Kenwood KD5070
Harman Kardon T45
Thorens TD-125 mk II w/Rega RB303 arm
Very nice stuff for the time and certainly by my standards then!  My first stereo was a nondescript Panasonic component system, component in the sense that it had four parts, a receiver, a pair of speakers, and a mini-turntable that had one of those cartridges with the needle that flipped over, playing 33's/45's with one side and 78's with the other.  The next turntable was a used AR XA that got an M91ED in 1972.  The M91ED was the not only the smallest part of the system that replaced the Panasonic but, since it was the only part I bought new, the most expensive.
Dual 1019
Rec-O-Kut transcription with SME arm  Don't remember models.
Systemdek table and arm
VPI HW-19 MK 4 with Sama and ET- II arm
Garrard 301 totally refurbished with Ortofon T-110 arm 

The last two I currently own and enjoy.  The Garrard is a particular joy because it is as fun just to look at as it is to listen to.

My first TT was a Philips with integrated amp & detachable speakers
  • 1979 - Micro Seiki (huge—model??) had to sell
  • 1981 - Thorens 140 / SME 3009
  • 1987 - Lin Sondek / Valhalla / / RB 300 then, Ittok
  • 1993 - Pink Triangle PT too / S 100
  • 1997 - >Simon Yorke "Zarathustra / Pluto tonearm / silver cabling2010 -> Project Xtension 12, silver cabling

1977- 2019 Dual 1229
1995- 2000 Linn LP-12 with SME 3009
2000- 2005 Aniston RD-11 with Grace 727
2001- 2019 modified the Dual 1229 (now with Grace 747 tonearm)
2003- 2005 Garrard 301 with SME 3009
2015- 2018 EMT 927 with SME 3012

Garrard SP25 Mk 3
Rotel RP-850
Rotel RP-855 w/RB300
Rega P3 2000
Pro-ject 2Xperience Classic