What's been playing on your turntable and what turntable is it ?

Thought I would throw it out there the see what music tastes  you all have . What was the last vinyl you played  and what TT was is played on . Was the vinyl an early pressing or remastered ? 
I listened to Pink Floyd Wish you were here ( CBS half speed )  on my clear audio concept wood MC
look forward to hearing your ? 


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Grateful Dead - Three from the vault

Townshend Rock III - Ortofon M20E
Luna "Pup Tent"

same as before........ Townshend Rock 7 etc............
"Positive Touch" by The Undertones.  "Walton: Piano Concerto" on Nonesuch.

A new Rega Planar 3 with Lejonklou Phono pre-amp, bought a week ago and first turntable in over 20 years.  Now I find myself only listening to LPs.
smctigue1- How is the three from the vault on vinyl. I enjoy both 1 and 2 from the vault on CD, but haven't heard any of these on vinyl.

Keb Mo  "Suitcase"

Avid Sequel SP  w/SME V arm,  Kubala  din>xlr  phono cable

Benz LPSmr cartridge