What's Audiophile CD Player?

I have gone through several cd players the last few years. B&O, Sony XA-7ES, Sony SCD-1, and Now Krell KPS-28c. I am very happy with my current setup. I am not looking for justification to upgrade - just wonder what others are using as their primary source.
If you are looking for that vinyl like sound, I don't think you can do better than Lector. A small Italian company but there stuff is great. I have their middle of the road model which runs about 2,000 and it is just awesome. There is great review on AVguide.com of the more high end player.
Audiomecca Mephisto 11.X To my ears the best I have heard.
I've never used much, tested a few players. I currently use a fully modified Museatex Bitstream with bg cap upgrades and a Museatex modified CD-D which was actually used as Mr. Wrights transport. He said he threw everything he could think of with the exception of black gate caps. I use a Moray James digital interconnect. I'm happy. Sounds more natural then anything i've heard at the $3k mark. I'd be lying if I said I've tried everything though.