What's Audiophile CD Player?

I have gone through several cd players the last few years. B&O, Sony XA-7ES, Sony SCD-1, and Now Krell KPS-28c. I am very happy with my current setup. I am not looking for justification to upgrade - just wonder what others are using as their primary source.
I've never used much, tested a few players. I currently use a fully modified Museatex Bitstream with bg cap upgrades and a Museatex modified CD-D which was actually used as Mr. Wrights transport. He said he threw everything he could think of with the exception of black gate caps. I use a Moray James digital interconnect. I'm happy. Sounds more natural then anything i've heard at the $3k mark. I'd be lying if I said I've tried everything though.
If you are looking for that vinyl like sound, I don't think you can do better than Lector. A small Italian company but there stuff is great. I have their middle of the road model which runs about 2,000 and it is just awesome. There is great review on AVguide.com of the more high end player.