What's an Electron Kinetics Eagle 7A worth?

This is a well-known amp that is not in the AudiogoN bluebook. Mine is serial number 58, but it has the later faceplate that was available with the first factory upgrade. I got the upgrade and the faceplate along with it. Does anyone have an informed perspective on the retail worth of this unit?
Used: $1254
MSRP: 3950
Mint: 811
Average: 524
Per 2002 Orion Blubook Ver. 3.1
I have a 4. More bass than anything I know of.I think they make monos--don't they?--Don't ya just love those binding posts? (yuck)--HAVE to use bananas. Ths amp draw less current than anything I know of.less than 80 watts of draw. My CJ monos take 550 EACH.
Bob (you sneaky guy), you'll have to refresh my memory ( one more time ) about your source for Orion quotes. As it is, i'll take ALL of the Eagle 7's that i can get at the Orion price. Especially wholesale in "average" condition : )

George, that thing can't possibly draw 80 watts of power at rated output. That would be an efficiency of 300% !!! I think that the most efficient digital amps that we have are running at about 94% efficiency right now. I might be a point or two off though...

As to the bass output, i have heard that the Eagle's are phenomenal in this area. I would like to see how a bigger Eagle ( like the 7's ) stack up against the pair of Perreaux's that i have for bottom end "oomph". I've been told by someone that has owned both amps that the Eagle's would win handily. Given my past experience with dozens upon dozens of amps, i'd have to see / hear it to believe it. I'm not saying that it's impossible mind you, only that i don't think that they would be that far outclassed. If it is one thing that the bigger Perreaux's have, it is bottom end "thunder". Sean
Hi Sean; My yardstick is the readout on my AVS2000. That's all it moves,honestly. As examples: my RPTV sucks up 430, The CJs take up 550 ( it won't run both without severe choking) A dvd player sucks up 20/25 The SS processor takes65/70. So, that's my story-- till someone educates me.
No problem George. I thought that you were looking at a tag on the back that specified power consumption, etc... I would assume that you've never had that thing running wide open though at that level. It almost makes me think that there is something wrong with the amp. I know that they were relatively highly biased and would have thought that they would pull more than that. I assume that the amp doesn't get hot at all at that power dissipation level ??? Sean
Correct Sean. Can't even defrost frozen bread. With the CJs--You can burn a steak in 5 min. On the working or not--I've oft times thought the same/The only proof of life: the bass is "so-much" more than the CJs'.
I have 2 eagle 7-A's numbers 20 and 43. Number 20 is stock
but no. 43 has lots of mods. done by a former owner. I have
had the 5150-B Perraux it does not come close to the bass
extention and speed that the eagle 7 has. I have used about
every amp out there but nothing as good for big cone sub
woofers. By the way if you every blow one up who fixes them
now. I believe them as priceless! nana991@msn.com