What's an Audiophool to do?

Ok, here's my high class problem. I've been turned on these last few years to tubes, and now I'm living in the SET life. And loving it. I mean drop dead loving it. Whole nine tube SET lingo. But, when I want to go to SPL levels (and my speakers are 101db that can handle 300watts) that shake rattle and roll (and for complex dymanic symphony music) I need another 6db. Yes, that would be (for my speakers) ear bleed timber shaking level, but it's just for those urges. This has been going on for the longest while, but I just want to compromise with my SET sound. 95% of my listening time is satiated with what I have. I was thinking on MF's supercharger? Two more components, two power cords and a wife that will not go this way. Any suggestions? Or should I just leave it and accept my 95% of nirvana and leave the ear bleeding stuff to the young bucks? thanks in advance, warren

I have been toying around with the idea of a Pass XA amp and keeping my pre. Also there has been ooldes about the NuForce amps. That 150watts would do the job, but will it cut the audio mustard for a SET man? Save me guys.
Maybe the VTL's, with their pentode/triode switch could handle the duality of your needs?
Not sure if more power is what you need, have you tried changing speaker/listening position?
After checking your system, have you considered the Bel Canto S-300 or the Ref 1000? You could get into these used and if they didn't do it for you, get out with little risk.
I am very happy with my Wyred 4 Sound SX 500s
Only 5% of the time? OK, I recommend a great pair of headphones. Easy on the wife too. But please be careful, you can do damage without even realizing it at first!!-- Seriously, you'll never be happy with second-string stuff, but you won't be able to justify the cost of top notch stuff for 5% of the time ;-) A pair of world-reknown Sony V-6 are only $75 ($120 15 years ago) and you'll be rockin' in your own little world!
Leave it alone, and don't become an "Audiofool'.
See if you can audition Atma-Sphere's OTL lineup. 30 watt stereo, 60 watt, 100, 200, and more monoblocks. I think they will give you exactely what your looking for, IMHO of course. Happy Listening.
Try to audition a pair of BAT VK150se mono-block amps in your system. Good luck
Almarro has come out with a pair of new mono blocks that should solve the problem.But I would just leave it alone as stated before.KP
Good advice. I'm going to leave it alone. I have nirvana (for these tympanics)95% of the time. That's pretty good. BTW, my speakers are not the problem, nor the listening position. Big room. 12' ceilings. I'm cool. thanks again,

Try a class A push/pull amp with E34L's that outputs 30-40 watts per side. There are many choices. I prefer this type of amp to the SET variety. YMMV.
If you were 95% satisfied with your wife would you trade her in?

As an "old" buck with failing hearing, stay away from the high Db.

just my 2 cents