What's about EDGE Audio ?

Hi everyone,
i want to buy an Edge amplifier. Do you know if the Factory is on the business, or
is it failed in 2011 and closed ?

Try here:
The original Edge Electronics company can be found at http://www.edgeamps.com/. Edge was sold to the current owner in 2001 by the original owner, Tom Maker, who now owns Maker Audio.
Edge amps USA 800-461.7443 or 815-522-6200
web site:http://www.edgeamps.com/index.html

That was easy

I had the i3 Integrated it was very nice but I needed more high current capability.
I believe the I3 was a foray into lower cost, Chinese made products. Quite different from their high end products.
I had to replace the batteries in my Edge Sig 1.1 SE preamp last summer and their new location is outside Detroit I believe. The original founders have sold but they are very much in business and can service all Edge equipment. They were extremely helpful when I spoke to them. I also have an NL 12.1 amp and its an excellent sounding hi power amp. Also owned a G2 preamp and G8 power and was very happy with the sound quality. The store where I purchased the Edge was a new outfit at the time and they were trying out a lot of very nice expensive gear we often only get to read about. The Edge amp was one of the favorites and one they decided to keep as a line.
Do you know something about the Edge's laser bias output stage, incorporating a 630 nm laser operating directly on the silicon substrate of the bias transistor?

How many years can works the laser?

Do you think there will be any reliabilities issues about
that original circuitry ?
I have had no reliability issues with my 12.1 and its my understanding from Edge that they have never had to replace one to date. The new company has gone to a different type of circut but is able to service any Edge product if required. I spoke them to find out details to replace the batteries in my Sig 1.1 SE preamp.
Hi Fossda,
thanks for your answer.
I want to buy an EDGE NL 12 .
Some questions:
1) Do you know if are there any differences in technology
in the sound reproduction between the NL 12 and the NL 12.1
or Nl 12.2 ?

2) Do you know the year of production of all those NL models?

3) Do you think is it a good idea to match the NL 12 with a tube preamplifier? ( i.e. Jadis, ASL Flora EX , CAT )


The only model I can find the age of is the 12.1 which apparently came out in 2005. Generally speaking each newer iteration is thought to offer some level of improvement, but of course opinion comes in here so YMMV. As far as matching with a tube preamplifier, that would primarily depend upon the input impedance of the power amp which I do not see listed in the specs given on their website. I would suggest contacting the company directly for more details and the answers to your specific questions.
Hi Bill,
the input impedance of the NL 12 is circa 34 Ohm. Voltage gain is 30 dB.

MMB, maybe you meant 34K Ohm? If so, it would probably be ok with most tube preamps but you may want to try a given combination before you make any commitment. If a power amp's input impedance is too low relative to the preamp's output impedance it can result in rolled off bass and limited dynamics.
The new Edge amps 12.2 series do not use the laser biasing technology of the 12.1 and earlier models. The new owners are not associated with Norbert and Maker (I think thats right) who started Edge and ran it out of Florida. The article I read which was a review of the new 10.2 went over the change briefly. Edge has indictaed they have experience no problems with the laser bias and when I spokw ro Edge about my Sig 1.1 SE preamp they indicated they could service any model. I have experienced no problems with my Edge products and think thsy sound fantastic. I am currently running my Edge amp with an Allnic L-3000 tube preamp (since last Sept) and think it sounds better than the Edge combo. I love what a good tube pre brings to the table. I do not know th production date of the various models but as long as it is in good shape I would not worry too much. I have had mine since 2006-constant use and no issues.
Just a quick follow up. The only issue I noticed at first was very limited ability to increase the volume particularly with CD. Very loud quickly with an impact on balance at low levels. I found this interesting since both the Edge and Allnic had about 20db of gain. I at first returned the Allnic because I felt this was a significant limiting factor. Decided to have the 14db gain transformer option change made and have been very happy since.
I have an Edge NL12.2 and think it is fabulous. Transparent, dynamic, toneful, powerfully- everything you can and should ask for in an amp in that price range. System matching is always important and the Edge amps like a fast, clean sounding speaker that can image and throw a soundstage. I've never had any issues with Edge amps. Both the new owners and past owners have been great to work with.
My current set up:
Esoteric k-01 and separate clock
Edge NL 12.2 amp
Edge NL 1.2 pre amp
Custom speakers using Accuton drivers
Virtual Dynamics cabling
I echo Sherpa's comments on my NL 12.1 that I've owned since 2007 with extreme levels of happiness and musical enjoyment. This amp performs at a level that is well above anything else I've heard. I had talked with the new Edge company leads last year about the 12.2 and 10.2 having the laser bias removed; they maintained they had improved the amps' performance by using what were in their opinion even better components for other aspects of the amp that no longer necessitated the use of laser biasing. I've talked to others that have heard both and they say the 12.2 and 10.2 are great amps but that the 12.1 and 10.1 still hold their own.

I'm not sure if the new Edge is still producing products but I've not seen anything to the contrary...

***Tom Maker has founded Maker Audio and has continued his path of building the great solid state amp designs (and speakers as well). His new NL14 and NL14+ (and G9) designs have garnered some extremely positive feedback that's out there; I've also talked to people who heard them in person a while ago at a show and they told me they have killer audio performance that they believed was well above the levels already established with the 12.1 and 10.1 offerings...