what’s a song cover that you think is better than the original?

The first ones to come to mind are Whitney’s version of I Will Always Love You and Allen Stone’s Georgia On My Mind but I would love to hear other contributions as well! I feel like there are a lot of songs where a covered version gets more popular than the original and people end up not realizing that it is a cover (ex. i had a friend that genuinely believed the Jonas Brothers wrote Year 3000). so, what‘a a song that was written by one artist but (figuratively) owned by another?


@inscrutable, thanks for the rec! I hadn’t heard their version before. You’re correct that it’s a unique approach to the song, and a really good one. Beautiful harmonies and strong individual singing. 

Lyle Lovet's version of Friend of the Devil


Hard for me to admit, but it is better. 


Gordon Lightfoot: Me and Bobby McGee. So much better than Janis Joplin

Actually the song, written by Kris Kristophersen, was first recorded by Roger “King of the Road” Miller. Then by Kenny Rogers and THEN by Gordon Lightfoot…Joplin recorded it in 1970 IIRC and yes, almost any version is better than hers unless you are a diehard Joplin fan. I’m not.