What's a really great Streamer/DAC box for just streaming Tidal?

Exploring digital after a lifetime of vinyl only systems. Have been enjoying tidal through an xDSD and headphones and now I want to step up to something good for my home system, Herron amps and pre and Harbeth 30.1s. Any suggestions? I’d spend up to $1500 used for a single box solution. Needs to be WiFi because I can't hardware ethernet.
I have a Vault 2i and love it....  its ethernet only but works perfectly with a wireless bridge that has LAN jacks.   Dont believe Dave and Troy , they are pure audio snobs and will tell you anything to take your $$$.   

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10-04-2019 4:15pm
@dtx I would like to push back as to how much streamers matter. Would you be willing to compare your Node against a Chromecast? And would you be willing willing to try to place a reclocker between your streamer and DAC, like the iFi SPDIF reclocker?

Yes I would totally be willing to try all that and see if I can hear a difference.  I have both the Node and Chromecast.  I'll have to play around to get everything just right.  

Also, im not familiar with a reclocker, what it does, why i need it etc.  If you're in the Dallas area, come on by and help me out!
I have limited experience with streamers (PC, Mac, chromecast and now Bluesound Node 2. I can confirm the Node 2 using coax out sounds the best and significantly better than the Chromecast.    
Is Lumin going to update the D2 soon? I know the T2 was updated over the last few months. The D2, I believe has been around a while (maybe i'm wrong)