What's a real upgrade from LuminT2

I am looking for opinions of what would be an upgrade from my Lumin T2 streamer/DAC. I almost totally steam everything I listen to these days. So I am curious as what a real world upgrade in sound quality would be from the T2. Either a stand alone unit or perhaps just a different DAC. I am not dissatisfied with the sound, just looking for something better if it's out there.  Using a Modwright integrated with Tyler Acoustics Woodmere II speakers, synergistic research cabling with a Prutain line conditioner. Home made distributed bass array as well. 
Have you ever considered the PS Audio Directstream DAC and Bridge 2 combo. I see it going for very good prices at the moment and can vouch for it's clarity and naturalness. It also gives you nearly yearly upgrades to the sound with downloaded updates which keep you up with current technology,
With the Lumin, specifically what would you like to improve?  Are you looking for improved clarity, better soundstage/imaging?  What is the shortcoming?  There is a fair amount of compromise at that level.

An "upgrade" could be a lateral shift to something that is a better compromise for your tastes or could be a step forward.  It really depends on what you want to accomplish.  

The obvious alternatives are the Chord TT2, Audiobyte Hydravox, Rockna Wavelight and Bricasti M3.  Each has a distinct and different sound and depending on features will range between $4.5K and $7K MSRP.  

For a clear step forward you would look at the Chord Dave or TT2 with MScaler, Weiss 501/502, Bricasti M1 or Rockna Wavedream Edition.  Depending on features, these will range between $6.5K and $11K.  

I have another thread breaking down performance of these DACs which is titled "DAC Shootout starts this weekend."
I believe PS Audio has announced it's last update for the Directstream DAC.  I replaced my Direct Stream first wIth an Auralic Vega G2 which was better.  I then replaced this with the Mola Mola Tambaqui which was again better.  All are streaming DAC's.  Enjoy the hunt!
Yep , first step I would take is audition external DAC.  Mcintosh D100 over on ebay for $1.2k.  Be a cheap way to try something out that you could easily sell.  Wadia 321 over on Usaudiomart which is basically the same thing.
Wouldn’t the ROON READY LUMIN X1 using a direct Fibre Optical cable from a Network Switch be the the obvious choice. When I used a lesser type of Fibre Opical (Sonore OpticalRendu) i had a massive improvement in all my DACs. Going direct into a LUMIN X1 is something I really need to hear.

The only other DAC that I am aware of that has the same Fibre input as the X1 is the new $40K LINN DAC/Streamer

BTW - I just realized that my comment is based on a computer serving the music (ROON Core) somewhere in the house away from the audio system. The Fibre cable should make this a non-factor.
I replaced an OPPO 105 with the Lumin unit. Mostly to try out Qobuz and to see what the MQA hype was all about. In the end I do think is has overall a little better sound that the OPPO, but I have had it over a year now and was just wondering what would be a good DAC to try for even better play back. I am not didsatisfied with the Lumin in any way. I just have not hear it compared to anything else but the OPPO. And I felt there were likely some better choices to be had, thanks, Allen.