What's a "Voltage Divider Linear Network"

I have a Cary SLI-80 integrated amp with subwoofer outputs for driving an active sub. The sub outs are described in the maual as a "Voltage Divider Linear Network". What? Can I use these as pre-amp outs to a second amp (with built in gain control to moderate sensitivity differences) for bi-amping? Or is a "Voltage Divider Linear Network" a fancy way for Cary to say that the signal is not up to the standard of a true pre-amp out? Indeed it is a preamp out if its driving an active sub, I'm just not sure what they've done to the signal.

I've tried to get Cary to respond by email to no avail. No luck with the local dealers either.

Try sending an email to: gregg@caryaudio.com. Sometimes Kirk the tech has so many incoming emails it takes awhile to receive an answer.
It sounds like a fancy way of saying "attenuator" (linear, not switching). Maybe in ref to a low pass?