What's a guy to do but ask for directions..

 I have been researching speakers to upgrade my desktop system with. Currently using Triangle Genese. I also have burchardt S400's and another set of Triangles, "Bro 3's." It appears i am at a stuck point though. I thought i was set on dynaudio Evoke 20's. I then watched another review featuring a sound comparison between the Evoke 20 and Sonus Faber Sonetto II. It appears the Sonetto's beat out the Dynaudios in noticable sound differences/improvements. There was also mention of using a tube amp (which is what i have at the moment-Willsenton R8) with the Sonetto's and maybe a SS amp. with the Dynaudios, and in fact other reviewers remarked the Sonetto's II need a more powerful amp/current etc. Any thoughts/feedback on the Sonus Faber or Dynaudios pairing with the Willsenton (Denafrips Pontus II is enroute so I have the DAC part covered). thanks, don      
What is the common denominator for what your speakers are doing right and what they do not so well?
I demoed both at home, next to each other and went the Evoke 20s. I was absolutely disappointed with the SFs, it was very bland and dim. 
The Evokes have a lot of soul, depth and accuracy, in this order, I enjoy every minute with it
PS I have an old Marantz amplifier
2252B, I am pretty sure the SF speakers are great too, with a lot more amp maybe?