What's a great SS amp to pair with the CJ CT-5?

Hello --

My first forum post here so apologies in advance for my newbie-ness.

I'm seriously considering upgrading my Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum integrated with a Conrad Johnson CT-5 (I love the look of the exposed tubes, and the sound I've heard with tube gear when auditioning the CT-5 in the past). I believe I want to use SS amplification to have the "best of both worlds" Tube / SS wise. I'll be driving my Revel F-32's (Nominal impedence 6 ohm -- I have the Cronos set at the 4 ohm taps). I'm considering the new Ayre VX-5, (retail "around" 8K), but wanted to query the community about what other SS amp selections might work. I know this is a highly subjective question, but I want to see what folks thoughts are. FWIW, I hanven't noticed a lot of folks using a CT-5 with SS amplification, but I haven't looked exhaustively.

I love the way my Rogue Sounds, but am ready to go to the next level.

Sources are an Ayre QB-9 USB DAC / VPI Scoutmaster & Benz Micro Wood Body Cartridge (High Output) / Ayre P-5Xe Phono stage, and Arcam DV-139 MDP.

FWIW, I listen to EVERYTHING, but mostly Rock, Jazz, Prog Rock, and Bakersfield country. Lately I've been on an Ambient (Read: Brian Eno) kick as well.

Thanks in advance for your input.
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You might want to take a look at the Emotiva XPA-1L Class A, AB amp. And it has more than eough power to drive your speakers to thunderous levels. It is currently on sale and has received very favorable reviews. Emotiva have a 30 in-home trial so you can see how it sounds in your environment...


Hi Czbbcl --

Which Pass labs amp would you suggest (Stereo, not monoblocks... Just don't have the extra room for those :(?

I understand concerning the mono-blocs as they can be rather large. I would look into the x250.5 or .8 as a minimum given your speakers impedance and sensitivity specs.
Thanks Czbbcl --

The X250.5 looks nice and is definitly in my price range, take care.
My first CJ preamp was a CT-5, really liked it. I paired it with a Pass XA30.5 with excellent results. Don't let it's 30 watt rating worry you, it's a lot more powerful than it would seem. I think it puts out closer to 130, they just rate it at it's class A output.
RW,I am just wondering why you believe the Emotiva would be such a good match with this system.I have not heard it,but not sure it would take Jeffs system to the next level.Just my opinion of course.
Jeff, Have you considered one of CJs SS power amps?
Don't rule out c-j's own under appreciated ss amplifier offerings.
I have been running a Bryston 14BSST (essentially two mono 7BSSTs in one housing) after acquiring my CJ with warm sounding results ~ and 600 watts will let you get a little more cowbell when you want it. The CJ was the biggest bang for my buck in improvement to my humble system. Not sure if they offer it in the CT-5, but the Vishay metal-foil resistors and CJD Teflon capacitors in CJ's Classic SE version made all the difference too. I am installing Shunyata power cords and distribution to the mix to take it even a little higher in the coming weeks, let us know what you settle with.
Your Welcome Good Luck .... Reno Hi Fi gives you a trial period. You pay is shipping to and fro if you send it back.
The Pass amps are certainly grand, but I'm not sure they are the ideal mates for the c-j pre you are using. According to the respective websites; the c-j CT-5 has a somewhat high output impedance of 800 Ohms, and the Pass 250.5 has input impedance of 30/20 KOhms. Furthermore, the Pass amps have been optimized for balanced input, and no c-j offers balanced inputs or outputs. Seems to me that much of the expense put into the Pass would be wasted.
On the other hand, I'm a big believer in working backwards from room to speaker to amp, etc.. Perhaps the Pass amp is the ticket towards Nirvana for you, and reconsidering your pre- might be an option.