What's a good tube pre-amp to match Bryston 4BST

I currently have a AES AE3-DJH and the voltage output is very high for a Bryston 4BST. What is a good tube pre-amp that anyone has had good sucess with in matching with the Bryston 4ST.
AR SP16(L).
Did you try and use the xlr inputs on the amp using an adapter or rca/xlr cable?
Over the seven years I had Bryston amps (4bst then 7bst monos) I used a Melos Sha-Gold, a Rogue 99 Magnum and an Aestetix Calypso. All were great matches.
I've used both a Rogue 99 Magnum and a VTL TL 2.5 with a Bryston 4b-st. Both worked pretty fine, but, have to admit, the Rogue and the Bryston always seemed to have lingering issues and never really did get along as well as I might have liked....
I also had pretty good luck with a Rogue 99 magnum with the 4B-SST I had. Even better was a Holvand HP-100. Rogue was more "tubey" sounding than the Hovland at least with the tubes I had in it which at this time escape my memory as to what they were. Many Bryston amp owners have used ARC gear with much success.
I use an ARC LS 25 into 7 B-STs and am happy and previously used an ARC LS 8 II that sounded ok with the Brystons.
I owned the 99 magnum with stock tubes. It builds like a tank with separated PS and the remote is first class. I do believe some reviewer claimed the lower 66 sounds more tubes than the 99. Eventually, I sold the 99 with 120 mono block . One bad thing abt the entry level SP16l pre is the lowest volume was set pretty loud so late night listenning may not be suitable to some folks.
Modwright 9.0 SWL