What’s a good Transport with I2S output for Directstream dac?

I’m enjoying a PS Audio Perfectwave transport (PWT) now going on 8 years and my transport still functions as it did 8 years ago when I got it new but I wonder what transports out there might be a nice upgrade to my current PWT?  I would only require that it had compatible I2S output capabilities to go to my Directstream dac. I recently got an Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer and I’m loving it. I am still enjoying my PWT but what would be a nice upgrade to it. I’m not wanting the new PS Audio transport as I believe PS Audio gear is far  too overpriced at retail list and the previous PS Audio player had too many functionality issues. What players would be good to look at as improvement over the PWT?
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Slim to none.
Ted Smith a has stated repeatedly that he designed all inputs to be equal.
Worry about quality, features and the IC more than the input bus.
If you can scrounge up $5200 by Thanksgiving buy the new one.