What's a good power amp for Adcom 565 & Ohm C2

I just bought an Adcom GFP-565 preamp here and I have a pair of lovely Ohm C2 speakers. I'm missing a power amp. I've only got around $250-300 to spend right now. I've been thinking of an old Rotel RB-850 so that I can grab a second one down the line and bridge them as mono blocks. I'm also curious about the ASL Wave AV8 monoblocks with mods. The price is very right, but I'm not sure if this is the way to ease into tubes or if I should stick to solid state. The speakers haven't been allowed to reach their full potential with the old monster receiever I'm using. I've be warned that the ASL might be SET. I'm not sure how efficent the Ohms are. Any advice? Thanks!
I just picked up a pair of modded ASL Wave DT (akak AV8), as I was curious to try tubes. It is still early days, but they seem to be nice little amps. Note that they are push-pull, not SET!

I run mine with 86dB speakers without any issues, but I don't listen all that loud. My speakers are 8 ohm minimum, and the AV8s only have 8 ohm taps. According to this website:


the Ohm C2 was 88dB and 6 ohms ("typical", whatever that means).
I used an Aragon 4004 with my '565 for many years. That'd stretch your budget a bit, though. A 4004 used is likely to go for something like $500 plus shipping. A Mark II would be $100--$150 more.