What's a Good Match?/ sacd/cd player

I own Cain & Cain Abbey speakers and a Bailey sub. My amp is the Art Audio Carissa(845 tubes/16 watts) w/volume control. I'm thinking of buying one of these sacd/cd players...Krell sacd standard, Marantz sa11, Sony scd 9000es...any suggestions from these three or any other prospects i should consider?
Get one (if still available) of the ModWright Sony 999es SACD/cd players. It is excellent.

Disclaimer: I've NO vested interest in either Sony or Modwright.
How about the Jolida Tube that everyone raves about...oh I am not sure if it is only red-book
If you're only interested in stock players, then I cannot offer a qualified opinion.

However, if you're limited to the three machines on your list and you'd consider a modification, then I'd suggest having Dan Wright do his Absolute Truth mod with volume control and his original power supply (not the latest version) to a Sony 9000ES. It will be better than the Modwright Sony 999ES with the Absolute Truth mod...based on having heard both. Then, go straight to your amp with the Modwright Sony 9000ES.

I understand the Sony 9000ES does not play CDRs. If so, this may be a consideration when choosing between the 9000ES or 999ES. In this case, the Modwright Sony 999ES is a good second choice and performs very close to the Modwright Sony 9000ES.

Otherwise, consider an APL Denon 3910 or an Exemplar Denon 3910. There have recently been a couple Exemplar Denons available in the classifieds.

I think he would have to listen to the Jolida. It is a terrific CD player for it's price; however, I think the modded Sony will take Red Book to a whole new level. But it is a different sound.

You should consider the McCormack udp-1 universal player.I'm quite happy with mine.......
Totally agree. Go with a modded player. The Jolida would stand out as the weak link in your system (I previously owned one). If you state your listening preferences--what types of music you primarily listen to, as well as the type of sound you prefer--I'm sure that people can help direct you to the player that would work best for you. Also, what is your budget?