What's a good integrated with a theater setting?

Mark Levinson has an integrated amp that has a SSP or such setting that when set, makes it super easy for the HT controller to use the integrated's amp for LR and to control HT volume and other HT settings.

What other integrated's have this? I hear the new Plinius does. Anybody use this feature?
Take a look at the Linar 10. Integrated multichannel amp.

Here is a list of integrated amps that I have actually owned that have HT Bypass/Processor loop. My guess is that the newer versions of these amps, or the models that replace them, also have HT bypass/Processor loop.

Anthem Integrated 2
Plinius 8200
Arcam Alpha 10

These were all good amps with the Plinius probably having the best sonics, but the HT bypass switch was on the back and difficult to reach. The Arcam was the simplist to use as you could select HT bypass using the remote. The Anthem is a hybrid with tube pre-amp section and SS amplifier section.


Reubent: Thanks. I looked at the Plinius and decided that the WAF for a switch at the back was too low, I can just hear the frantic phone calls when I'm out of town...
Too bad.
I also found that Krell KAV-400xi and the Mark Levinson 383 also have this processor loop feature. Any sonic experience there?