What's a good amp to pair with SF Grd Piano Home

Just got a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home speakers. And there really great. I am up-grading my old Carver M1.0t amp and was wondering if any one had some good suggestions on a good amp match for the fabers?
i enjoyed the sound of the sonus fabers being driven by krell 300il. these speakers like a bit of power. mark levinson 334 or 335 should be a good match, especially when you have the 38S preamp. tubes are magical with sonus fabers , though...
Of the brands you mentioned, I'd prefer the Classe. I think I saw a Classe 25 selling at a reasonable price. I had a Classe CA-200 and enjoyed it 'til I heard my friend's Threshold T-400. Then I bought it off him. I still have Classe CD player and preamp though. McCormack is another brand you may want to consider.
I use a Classe 301 amp to power my Grand Piano Home. They are an ideal match for jazz, vocals and rock. I think the transparency and smoothness of the Classe, together with the SF's warm laidback signature, make a synergistic combination.
As you're looking for a good match for the 38, too, I would recommend ML334.
Otherwise, I would propose a change in the pre: to these ears, the ML amp -- say the 334 -- outclasses the pre. You may wish to reconsider an integrated, though, if the investment for a pre+amp combo is too high....
Thanks to all that responded.