What's a good amp to pair with SF Grd Piano Home

Just got a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home speakers. And there really great. I am up-grading my old Carver M1.0t amp and was wondering if any one had some good suggestions on a good amp match for the fabers?
Plinius SA100
Plinius SA250 is better.
For the Lower budget you should go for Bryston 4b-st or sst.
Truth is, Hammer, many amps will drive these speakers so, it all boils down to what you're looking for! (Any tips? Music you listen to, rest of system, what you like sonically...?)

Taking a shot in the dark while remembering these speakers' nice mids & upper bass, the following integrateds could a nice job: (no order)
YBA passion integre (SS)
Jadis Defy (tube)
S-Line RG14
S Faber's own integrated (whatever it's called)
Rowland's integrated
Pathos towers
... and many others. Also bigger pre-amp combos of course.

More info will help! Cheers
I'd like to stay with a solid state amp. I'm running a ML 38S pre amp with Proceed CDP mostly CD's, Looking for a good match for it (38S) and the speakers. Thinking about the Sunfire Sig. , ML 331 or 334 and either the Classe or Bryston. Thanks
i enjoyed the sound of the sonus fabers being driven by krell 300il. these speakers like a bit of power. mark levinson 334 or 335 should be a good match, especially when you have the 38S preamp. tubes are magical with sonus fabers , though...
Of the brands you mentioned, I'd prefer the Classe. I think I saw a Classe 25 selling at a reasonable price. I had a Classe CA-200 and enjoyed it 'til I heard my friend's Threshold T-400. Then I bought it off him. I still have Classe CD player and preamp though. McCormack is another brand you may want to consider.
I use a Classe 301 amp to power my Grand Piano Home. They are an ideal match for jazz, vocals and rock. I think the transparency and smoothness of the Classe, together with the SF's warm laidback signature, make a synergistic combination.
As you're looking for a good match for the 38, too, I would recommend ML334.
Otherwise, I would propose a change in the pre: to these ears, the ML amp -- say the 334 -- outclasses the pre. You may wish to reconsider an integrated, though, if the investment for a pre+amp combo is too high....
Thanks to all that responded.