What's a good alternative to Pass Labs?

Owner of the x250.5 (pass labs). It's a remarkable amplifier, it just doesn't seem to synergize all that well with my speaker. Something a little less bright (a little more forgiving) and something slightly less warm. It seems to get warmest in the mid-bass (bloat), and brightest of course in the higher treble. The mid-bass warmth/bloat exists at lower as well as higher volumes, the brightness starts to get bad at louder volumes. I think they that Pass is a warm neutral, so perhaps i'm just looking for something that's just neutral. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

budget less than $10k. used or new ok.
I had a Pass 150.5 and have had several other amps. The one I think most closely resembled the Pass, with a more "forgiving" frequency response was the solid state Conrad Johnson I had (MF 2250 if my memory serves me correctly). I regret selling it to this day. All-around great sound and value.
Try luxman or accuphase. Both warm with great detail. Similar sound to pass labs.