What's a decent, current used transport?

With all the recent posts on transports it's been coincidental that I've been thinking about getting another one. My criteria is to consider only transports that have shown their merit by being around for a bit, but are not of the very old (in technology years) "classic great" transport category. So my criteria is:

1) Must be less than $1K used
2) Must have very good internal clocking / timing scheme
3) Must have AT&T out as well as Toslink and coax
4) Must be relatively recent design that can still be serviced
5) Must be close to (if not hopefully better than) the performance of such classics as the SF SFT-1, Proceed PDT3, etc

CD only is fine.
Oh, the last thing is that I would like to limit it to SS devices.
Hello Tony! Wow thats a big list, I would say only the CEC 51 series or the Parasound 2000 will fit the bill, newer models ussually dont have ATT inlcuded...
Oh, the last thing is that I would like to limit it to SS devices.

I don't know if there is such a device as a tube-powered transport, is there? Are you looking for a transport or a player?

If you are only seeking a transport, a Muse Model 8 or Model 9 would be a good choice. Well under $1K - a Cal Delta. Theta transports also have a good reputation, but wouldn't know which model to point you towards. I beleive both Muse and Theta use Phillips mechanisms, which are quite sturdy and long-lasting. Not sure about the AT&T out though, so check that detail. Also, with older units you may want to check and see if the parts are still available to service them, as the manufacturers often discontinue support after the mechanism is put out of production for a period of time. Lasers do wear out, as can mechanical transports.

The last Theta redbook transports the Pearl & Jade use a Pioneer drive, and an AT&T ST output was an option.
Marco, I don't think the Cal Delta is supported / supportable anymore. Not sure about the Muse, although I have heard good things about them.

Kana, also have heard great things about the Jade, but these are old enough to where it'd be hard to say even on a clean unit how many hours are on the laser. And again I'm not sure in this case if there are replacement parts anymore for the laser and other bits. If I could find something close to a NOS Jade I'd probably be tempted.
CEC/Parasound units are truly nearly unbeatable. I cannot buy into the belt drive thing for digital, but I've owned a highly modified Parasound CDT 2000 and it was unbelievable for analog sound. Top loader so my wife hated it, but sound..........

Mine did not have Toslink, but other CEC/Parasound models do.
Don't scoff yet until you check into it. The oppo has developed a following and even has the aftermarket "mod" crowd up and running. There is a company now offering newly modded oppo's (and they can provide the machine) for around a thousand. Do a search on audiogon for oppo and mods. Oppo is a company out of Mountain View (Silicon Valley) Ca. They make universal players. Yes they are rediculously inexpensive considering they do it all. They were reviewed by "Secrets of Home Theater" website.
It was one of the top players ever reviewed. Ever.
I am looking at used transports also. What do you think of the old PS audio Lambda as a transport? Bob
Just buy a used CEC or a used Teac. Don't fret about "support" etc, etc.
It'll last.
If it doesn't last & dies (i.e. in 12yrs time) garbage it & purchase another.