What's a 30-year old Grace F9-E Ruby worth?

Since vinyl has caught on again, I brought out my turntable from the 90's and played a few vinyls. I was surprised to see that the cartridge still plays fine. To make a long story short, I not into vinyl as I once was. My interest has shifted to 24-bit music, limited as it is.

Any idea what this cartridge is worth given its age.
I sold an F9-E for $250 on Audiogon a couple of years ago; not a Ruby but standard. But it all depends on if there is a buyer who wants one when you have one to sell; prices can vary widely.
Dear Reelnai: Worth to own for any one. The Ruby IMHO was the best Grace ever and today competitive with the best LOMC cartridges.

Regards and enjo the music,
Start an auction here or on ebay and you will know. Can you estimate the extent of stylus wear?
OK. I confess. After a year of cartridge-buying abstinence, I just bought a Grace Ruby for $500. I don't know whether I overpaid or not. But, in mint condition in the original box, they don't exactly grow on trees, as my mom used to say. Once you decide what to pay, you will then have to find one. It took me about a year.
I have one, in use daily. Still great sound. I also have a $2K Clearaudio and the Grace gives it strong competition. A few years ago I was offered $1.5K for the Grace and a Sony X800, which it was installed in. If it had been $2K, I would have sold it.
I've used a Grace F9E as my primary cartridge since 1979. I purchased it originally as the non-ruby version, upgraded it with a ruby stylus several years later, and had it retipped/rebuilt by Soundsmith in 2010 (the $250 option Mr. Ledermann offers). To my ears, Mr. Ledermann's work made an outstanding cartridge even better, the change being particularly evident in the treble region on piano notes. I have no desire to explore other cartridges in the foreseeable future.

The $500 Lew paid for a mint-in-box Ruby, assuming it is truly in that condition, strikes me as reasonably consistent with prices I have seen these things go for. Obviously, one that is well used will be worth considerably less.

Hey Lew, enjoy!

-- Al
Thanks, Al. You made me feel better about my moment of weakness. It's arrived here and does appear to be in condition as advertised, at least by gross inspection.
Thanks for all the replies. I don't know the wear on the stylus. My eyes can't focus that close anymore. I probably need to get a jeweler's eyepiece to check. $250 sounds reasonable. I don't have the original box but do have the paperwork. Thanks again.
Isochronism, LOL! Thanks!

Best regards,
-- Al
$54.50 Cdn dollars.
one million Lire. final offer!
I guess $250 was just a dream.
Sold! Reelnai I will let u know where u can send my sales commission check when they restore emails. LOL. Sounds like u have a really nice cartridge there. Cheers
I don't get it. Is the OP selling his Grace Ruby or trying to establish its value for posterity, or what? If it's in good shape, $250 is a steal, and I would buy it if I had not just paid twice as much for one.
I was contemplating selling it if I could get a good price. Since I don't know the state of the stylus, I would feel bad if it didn't last long. It is 30 years old after all.
Try mounting it (if it's not already mounted( and playing a record. I know it's a very esoteric notion, but you could try it. I intend to do that with mine, today or tomorrow.