What reviewers have been craving, built in hearing aids with TVs

I have often stated that reviewers should do a better job of having their ears checked, and note their reviews accordingly. There's nothing wrong with loosing your hearing, and buying gear appropriate for you. What I get upset by is reviewers showing treble exaggeration bias and claiming these speakers are neutral when they are clearly not.

Finally, a company produces a product to help:

Has anyone ever considered applying a correction curve to compensate for hearing loss?
Stellar idea, if you have something like a miniDSP and you know your losses, easy to do!

It's something that I have been mulling around with for awhile. I have been developing my own Windows & iOS FLAC players and could incorporate a software filter (going to need to brush up on my digital filters).

Was thinking about getting a hearing test to see where I'm at (it's been proably 15 years), but maybe I will write some software to run a test on my actual home system. Absolutes may be off a bit, but the curve should be fine.
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