What resource has ALL the Aspect ratios of movies?

I have a Plasma 42".
I have begun to realize (If possible) that I want to play mostly 1.77:1 or 1.85:1 aspect ratio movies on it.
No where have I been able to find an easy access, rating guide that INCLUDES all the aspect ratios of the films.
Even many DVD packaging leave off the actual aspect ratio.
This would be such a tiny bit of info to include in the movie review guides!! leave out the word "widescreen" and just stick in the actual ratio!!!!!
I have re-sorted all my movies into three groups:
Standard (or 3:4)
16:9 or 1.77:1/1.85:1
And wide-mother 2.35:1
I can see why a projector might be the best for really viewing movies.. at least you can (??) format it and adjust the screen to fit the movie!

To get all of the aspect rations you will need to research available filmstocks over the past century. This is not really necessary.
Most DVD packaging we have (some 500 movies) have the aspect ratio on the back. It's usually small, in a text color with little to no contrast, and the possible of it varies from title to title - but it always seems to be there.

I know Amazon and others have the aspect ratios listed, but I don't believe ou can sort/search by aspect ratio. Also ou'll also likely want to know which titles are anamorphic. But most are in this day and age.

;) If 2.35: 1 is wide mother, where would ben-Hur (2.76:1) fit on your list? (just kidding!). LOL. I agree with you on the projector. I'm set up for 16:9, but my next set up is going to be a "constant height" set up for 2.35:1, with curtains masking 16:9 and 4:3 content.

Personally I'm a OAR junkie. I get whatever the intended ratio was supposed be. Sometimes that ends up being 1.33:1. :(
The online movie rental place I used to belong to, had this info for every disc they rent. dvdbarn.com
Elizabeth, www.WideScreenReview.com, and their monthly magazine have been a great source for any letterboxed movie info since the Laserdisc days.
any legitimate dvd has the aspect ratio as well as 16x9 compatibility info. if it is the 'correct' aspect ratio, sometimes even the director doesn't know for sure. the dp generally remembers though.

It even differentiates between negative and theatrical presentation ratios.

For example Full Metal Jacket was shot and printed open matte at 1.37:1 but intended for projection at 1.66:1 in Europe and 1.85:1 in America.