What reissue sounds better than the original?

With so many vinyl reissues coming out there are bound to be great ones and bad ones. Which better the original pressings? I will start by asserting the reissue of Steely Dan's Aja is better than the original. Any others?
Tbromgard- Just curious if you are speaking about the Cisco? There was also a Japanese reissue that came out after the Cisco. I have an ABC rainbow, and the Cisco. I tend to reach for the ABC, because it sounds so good. I will have to do a comparison. From memory, the ABC seems to have a little more life, which I prefer within the context of my setup. Don't think I have done the actual A/B in my system though. I doubt this LP can sound less than very good, as long as it's a nice copy.
The rainbow ABC original pressing Aja is the best available.

FWIW, their first 3 albums on the black ABC are awesome.

Very very few, if any, reissues are better than original pressings.

Reissues are generally a huge ripoff.
Yes, the Cisco issue sounds great. How bout the reissue of Blues for Allah - far better than the original.
Listened to both pressings today, played side B only. Started with the Cisco. It was extremely quiet, allowing you to hear deep in to the recording. It wasn't as subdued as I remembered, but still lacked a little life. Really an excellent reissue, as far as reissues go. Then I listened to side B of my yellow rainbow ABC. Home at Last was a fitting song to hear, because I really felt I was. There was simply more presence, in that sort of out of the box sounding way. The ABC is quiet, but not as dead silent as the Cisco. The cymbals in the right channel on the last part of PEG, just sounded more real. I guess that puts this all in a similar scenario. That is, if you can get a nice original, grab it and be done. If you can't find one, the Cisco is damn good. Glad I own both, but the ABC is my go to Aja.
i will re listen to the abc...
I don't think I've ever found a reissue that betters the original. The best they can do is come close. I do have quite good reissues of Kind of Blue, Avalon, CSN, If Only I Could Remember My Name, Folk Singer and A Love Supreme. I would somewhat disagree on the Cisco Aja or Classic's Aqualung as living up to good originals. The more rare the original, the more a reissue makes sense.
there are a number of Classic Records RCA Shaded Dogs 45 RPM reissues where the single disc 45's are better overall than original pressings. it's been years since i spent time doing this comparison.

also; the Classic Records Led Zepplin 45rpm box set smokes any original.

of course; you will pay big dollars for either of those reissues, generally more than original pressings in those particular cases.
I do try to go withthe originals. However, I do have to go with reissues when the price of the originals far exceed the cost of the reissue. For example, some of the original shaded dogs are pretty expensive if they are in great condition, I cannot afford them.